Although I truly appreciate all the work that Rock You does to keep the game going, I really miss the travels to actual places. There are dozens, if not hundreds of REAL places we've never been to. Repeating many of the same ones isn't my first choice but I still prefer that to seeing one more chapter with dragons. My heart sank when I saw the new chapter today. Another fantasy theme, ugh. It feels like there have been so many of those lately I couldn't believe there was another one. Let's not forget every single time lab as well. Lastly, the inner circle building is nearly always some fantasy themed item.

If it's a matter of ideas I'm quite sure there would be no shortage of suggestions from others who play the game. I realize it is probably easier to create something new than have the designers try to accurately represent a real place or building but that is really what the premise of the game is all about isn't it?

Again, I thank you for keeping GoT going but I can't take too many more dragons or fairies. It's time to go back to the real world.