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Thread: returning to where we clicked to help/feed.

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    returning to where we clicked to help/feed.

    For a few days, we were able to click on the babies to feed and it would open a new tab, and after you fed the baby, it would take you back to that spot and you could write fed in there. And you could click on the mission, and it would take you back to the spot so you could put the number there. It has stopped doing that. I wish the change to getting us back to that spot, was still there. Please do something so when we help, we can go back to that spot. at first when we did click on something, it would move our wall nearly to the spot and we only had to scroll a little to find where we were. This change we had was only for a few days, but it was great. It helped us be able to help more people and do more in our zoo as well. For a few days, I was really happy, now it is back to having to go to the persons site, taking more time to find what we helped them with.

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    Darlene, that is not a standard process. But, you can easily do it yourself by R-clicking on the post, click on the 'open in new tab' option, do your thing and close that tab. Your spot where the original post was is still there.

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