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Thread: Ok 2 issues here

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    Ok 2 issues here

    First of all PLEASE GET RID OF THAT NEEDS THINGY, IT is not only stupid, ridiculous. useless and a real energy HOG. I HATE THAT THING!! All it does is gobble up my energy before I can manage to get any of my other tasks done. The damned thing is like a pack of wild starving dogs..... GET RID OF IT!!!

    Now I also just found out that I can not have more than 3 pets running around my apartment at one time... FIX THE ISSUE so that I can have all of them in my apartment!!!

    I think its time to stop buying so much gold to support the greedy developers till they start consider their players and their needs!!!

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    Completely agree with you. I was a silver VIP and after the way I saw things working (or not) and no support and the care less attitude I said screw it. Haven't spent a penny in a long time. Won't matter though.

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    This is the most unresponsive board I have ever seen.

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