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Thread: Crumbly Cliffs Bazaar Items Not Opening Up for Sale

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    Crumbly Cliffs Bazaar Items Not Opening Up for Sale

    Ingredients are not opening up for sale are:

    Cashew nuts ---- Star Shape ---- Vanilla Drizzle

    I did purchase the first and second round of the Cashew nuts while I was playing around Level 548. The first set was 4,000 Coins and the second set was 6,000 Coins I believe. I waited a few days before posting a Help request for it, thinking maybe it would clear itself up but didn't nor have I gotten a response to the issue.

    Right at the time I did buy some other items along with the cashew nuts (nuts being the last of my purchase at that time), the game flashed and said to refresh... that is when I noticed no Star for level 547 showing and the items being closed and no longer for sale.

    I feel like I have missed out of several good points that could of helped me with my starts as all 3 items above are in play and no way to advance them.

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    It has been about 6 days since this happened, 5 days since I submitted a report on the Help section. While I have been waiting for friends to respond to my request to move on to the second half of the level, I replayed 547 many more times and finally managed to earn a star again and when I did, like I thought, All three items above opened up for sale to me. I had to repay for the Cashews nuts again, which was an additional total of 10,000 coins. I still feel cheated in the since that if I were able to upgrade these items at the time they should of been available to me, I not only would of earned more coins, but possibly more stars.

    The ticket number in the Help Menu that I received no response on was # 808211 and I posted several picture files to show my screen on those days as well as the two other additional days I added more to the request info.
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