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Thread: You are making it harder to finish goals when we are so busy

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    You are making it harder to finish goals when we are so busy

    We are busy with Christmas, so why make it so hard to complete our goals/????? The first two items on the new one require 5 hours, then 8. Not right.

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    Agree. The Christmas Tree Lighting quest is the 4th one in a row that expired before I could finish it. The quests are getting harder to complete. I play at least twice every day and still run out of time.

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    Watch out, there's a New Year's one that just started today and the crafting times are just horrid!

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    mysticgirl916 ~ The crafting times seem to be getting longer and longer! We all are feeling the quality changes since CGL's move to India. The long, multi-crafting times just make an already BORING game that much more so. If the "rewards" were worth it, the effort would be substantiated, but they are not. Long-time players have enough clothing, 'pages' and 'pages' of clothing - as well as furniture, but nothing new and exciting - with no innovative upgrades in years. I used to spend an embarrassing amount of money on this game, but I have no reason to do so now. There seems to be a mutual disrespect between the players and the "programmers." They get back at us by making the missions harder and longer, while all that we can do is withhold our money - or not do them (as has been the case too many times lately.) You were a huge proponent of this game - and your frustration gives credence to our legitimate complaints. We can only hope for change in the New Year.

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    My New Year's resolution is to stop playing the game and mostly because of these last crafting missions. If you are my "bestie" I apologize and if I get the chance I will send your requested items but at some point I will just be completely done with this. It's really too bad, in the beginning I had so much fun, spent money, was a VIP member and was excited to play. Now it's a chore, so it's time to say good-bye. Happy New to all!

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