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Thread: Fix animals moving to storage

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    Fix animals moving to storage

    I had 900+ animals moved to storage. First I was told that they would be moved back by zoo, then we were instructed to move them back ourselves.

    So I started moving them back. Slowly, so I could make sure they stayed. Just a few each day. Unfortunately, I move them back to the islands and others go to storage. I have submitted 3 support tickets - no responses since the one telling me to watch the forums.

    Only about 25% of my animals are on my islands. I am getting very tired of trying to place them back on the islands. PLEASE fix the issue. If not, i'll have to say goodbye to this game.

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    Hello Donna,

    I'm so sorry for the inconvenience you have faced! Unfortunately, we are unable to move players' items back to their island if they were affected by this bug. It is now safe for all players, including yourself, to move your items back to your islands. But, from what I understand from your post, after you move them to your islands, they return to your storage once again?

    Please provide the answer to this in a ticket and submit it via our Support site:

    From there, you will be able to work one on one with a support associate who will be able to report this to a developers to investigate further. Thank you!

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