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Thread: More giftable animals

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    Unhappy More giftable animals

    More animals should become giftable. This is a social game - one of the best feature of this is to be able to send animals to your friends. Limited animals should be giftable- if not from the day one - at least a few days/weeks later.

    This thread was started in the old forum & 254 people liked it but there was never a response from rockyou.

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    Hello Mary,

    I understand where you're coming from and I have suggested this to our developers in the past. I will continue to bring it up and make them know that this is a hot topic among players. Thank you for taking the time out to provide your feedback! I really appreciate it!

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    My friends and I love to play Zoo and we love to gift our friends animals but we are quickly getting tired of gifting the same old animals all the time. When will there be new giftable animals?

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    I totally agree with Mary and Ann. One of the nicest things about playing Zoo1 is being able to gift a limited edition animal to someone who missed it in the shop or being gifted one you missed yourself. There are so many genuine reasons outside of their own control why people cannot always participate in promotions and end up missing out on animals. We haven't had any new giftable animals released since the royal wedding!! I know it must take some serious work on the Developers' part to come up with new animals in the shop every 10 days, so maybe if they just made some of the previously offered animals giftable it would take less work? The Nurse Bee has finally made it onto our feed for collection - so maybe it would be a nice idea to make the other 'nurse' animals that were available in the shop for a limited time giftable now.? Just an idea!

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    Vicente Manzo Martinez
    The reason I started playing zoo was to be able to share (give and receive) have made alot of friends here because of it. It was a social game and itīs not social anymore it turning greedy!

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    Hello Andie and Vicente,

    Thank you for all your suggestions! I will be sure to let our developers know and suggest to them about allowing older animals to become giftable after a certain period of time. As a social game, I am so happy to see our players providing their feedback and ideas to Zoo World. We do our best to take everyone's opinions into consideration so we can build the best game possible.

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    Everyone I talk to misses the ability to gift animals NOT the buy wlp gifts but the level animals < use to get new animals every 5 levels, another fun thing thats been stopped> Limited time animals I really want that little black sheep and white sheep, they were limited time and NOT giftable. I too liked that ability to barrow an animal if I had one and breed then return the happy little critter to his home or just be able to gift animals that I found my friends didn't have. Pay if forward makes me happy. I had Lots of people take me under their wings and I was able <with the exception of goldens> get every limited edition animal that was giftable, either by breeding or just being given a gift. Then In return I'd do the same for others. I've met LOTS and LOTS of nice people from zooworld doing just that.

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    Maybe the Devs should be reading these suggestions, Perhaps a Monday morning meeting with the suggestions broken down into categories IE: the most requested, best suggestions, biggest concerns.

    A lot of us do not play zoo 2 have no interest in moving but we've seen what the devs are capable of so we know we can get better trees flowers ponds, decorations etc. They need to get back to working on new items for zw1 putting more thought and player concerns into the zoo. Especially what made ZW so much fun: New wall feed animals, Gifting animals no longer available to newer players or players that missed limited time animals, More new shop animals for gaining levels < I believe the last level animals released were level 150 we now have MANY MANY MANY players at level 350 and they haven't seen a new level animal for their zoos!>. All the promotions mean nothing if we can't gift and share they are just plain boring.

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    we earn the right to gift animals if we wish, we sit at our computers, visiting zoomates, and all the other stuff we all do to gain the cash we need to buy animals, and then rock you come along and say, hey you have to be selfish, YOU CANT SHARE!!!!! THIS IS SO WRONG!! if we want to gift why cant we??? the new people who dont have the animals,realy dont have a chance of ever getting so of the harder animals mainly because rockyou have made them ungiftable, its a social game, so let us be socialable. people are leaving the game by the thousands maily because they have no real chance of catching up with some of the more experienced players, i for 1 would realy like my gifting back!!!

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