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    RY your Customer support seems to be getting worse instead of better as promised when the new system was set up. It is now almost a week since I reported my babies were stuck in nests and it has not even been allocated. It is still marked as new, under the old system something would have been done by now. It is such a shame the support we get is so iffy, I can fully understand why some people have stopped playing the game :O(

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    Hello Jay,

    I am very sorry about this! Our Support team is doing the best they can to make sure each ticket is responded to. I apologize for the delay and I assure you that your issue will get resolved as soon as possible. Regarding this specific bug, it is a known issue among our developers, which they are working to resolve. We will be sure to update you once there is a fix! Thank you for writing in and once again, I apologize for the troubles!

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    I have submitted many tickets about never getting my islands back. They are aware of the problem and so far have done nothing to fix it. The fix was supposed to work!

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    It saddens me that my issue reported at the end of September regarding babies stuck in nests has still not been resolved :O( . It also really rankles that not once since the original response has any communication been made. over 3 months of silence is not good

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