Instructions on how to upload an image

- Upload your images to a hosting site, and link to them there. is a good one that is simple.
- After you upload, it will give you a list of several different formats of link to choose from.
- Use the BBCode format to paste into here.

Please paste your code in this format: [IMG][/IMG] into your post and your image should appear.

Another way to upload your image is by clicking on the "Insert Image" button shown on your toolbar.

- In the thread, click into the white space under "Reply" or "Post Quick Reply".
- Click on the Insert Image button on the toolbar (the icon is a square with a tree in it).
- An Insert Image popup should appear.
- Click on the "Select Files" button. (if that button is not on the popup, click on "From Computer" first)
- Navigate to and select the image file you want to upload from your computer.
- Once the file is selected, click on the Open button.
- You can choose more files to upload by click on Select Files again.
- Once all files are chosen, click on the Upload File(s) button.
- Some text will be entered into your reply like: " [ATTACH=CONFIG]xxxx[/ATTACH] ". Do not change that inserted text at all.
- Add any other comments before or after the inserted text as you want.
- Click on Post Quick Reply.

Note: You can upload a maximum of 4 images.

Thank you!