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    Lightbulb General Hints and Tips

    In no particular order

    - With any timed level, judicious use of the print screen and pause technique helps. Open the level, hit print screen, then click the little yellow arrow in the top left corner. Level will pause (with a big banner across it), so paste your screen print into Paint and study it for the best words you can see. When you decide on one, resume your game, play the word, let the letters refresh, and repeat the process.

    - With any level targeting a specific letter, try to make 4 (or more) letter words ending in that letter, to keep the target letter on the board. If the target letter is stuck in an inaccessible place, try using line/column/cross clearing tiles - it doesn't have to be cleared by making a word. There is no requirement to make words with the target letters, providing you can get them off the board.

    - You may either make words with the target letter, or make long words and combine bonus tiles to clear the board.

    - If the target letter is also a giant tile, it will NOT count in the total. For example if your target letter is E, a giant letter E can be used, but will not count towards the total.

    - For most ink levels, use combinations of bonus tiles in the same word to clear large areas. If you can combine 2 cross clearing tiles (from 7 letter words) in the same word, a swirling tornado effect seems to be generated. This may have been previously known as a black hole effect.

    - A red x2 bonus tile combined with a blue x3 bonus tile will clear a square AND add an extra letter clear
    - A red x2 bonus tile combined with a line or column clearing tile will produce TWO cleared lines (as if the red tile was the same as the line or column clearing tile). Try not to have them on the same line/column.
    - A blue x3 bonus tile combined with a line or column clearing tile will produce a mini tornado and clear a THREE line block
    - A line or column clearing tile combined with a cross clearing tile will produce a mini tornado effect
    - Two cross clearing bonus tiles, created from 7 letter words, will hit EVERY letter on the board. It may not clear the board, because a double ribbon will only have one ribbon removed, and only one inkblot would be removed, and so on.
    - Any 8 letter word will produce multiple blue x3 tiles.

    - When creating line or column clearing bonus tiles, the direction of the last letter tile will control the type of bonus tile awarded. However, diagonal letters have an even chance of creating line or column clearing tiles. See below:

    - The image in the Objectives indicates that EITHER a line clearing OR a column clearing tile can be used. Don't confuse them with the cross clearing tile.

    - When making words to create any bonus tile, the last letter will NOT create a bonus tile if it has a double ribbon. You need to clear the ribbons first.

    - If you end a word on a GIANT tile, any bonus tile will be made on the penultimate letter (unless of course it was also a giant, or had double ribbons)

    Featured level: 140! We received a few support questions about what to do, so here is an in depth description:

    Create a Line Clear Tile by forming a 6-letter word. The Line Clear tile will appear on the last letter of the 6-letter word you created! For level 140, complete the objective by creating a word that contains both a x2 tile (pink tile) and a line clear tile. You can create x2 (pink) tiles by forming 4-letter words.

    After three of these combinations, you'll complete the level!

    If you are stuck on a level, start a thread in the forum for tips and suggestions from other players!

    Click here for Game Support by Players for Players >>
    Check out the FAQ page for tile descriptions >>
    Play Words of Wonder! >>
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    Gail Currie
    Level 131 - use 3 x 3 tiles - why am I not getting credit for the times I use 2 of the 3 x 3 tiles in one words. Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing?

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    Hi Abby! I've just returned to WoW after taking some time off. Was there a programming change to the line clearing tiles? In the past they were generated as row/column randomly. I actually tested the random generation because I occasionally thought I saw a pattern. I don't know if you can access this if you're not a member of the FB Words of Wonder Addicts page, but here is the documentation from my research. (I was quite the WoW nerd when it first came out)

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    Hi there Kathleen,

    Thank you for reaching out, and welcome back to the Words of Wonder community! Unfortunately, the link that you supplied above, I was not able to open and view. However, in regard to your question about the row/line or column clearing tiles randomly appearing in the game before, we have actually never made any changes to those tiles in the game. The row/line or column clearing tiles are never generated on a game board, and are only made and appear by making 6 letters words on your board. The 6th letter tile will either become a row/line or column clearing tile depending on the direction and location of it.

    I hope this helps with any confusion, and always should any other questions or concerns arise in your game please submit a ticket to the support site so that our support team can answer your questions in timely fashion.

    Here is the link to the support site for your convenience-[/URL]

    Thank you,
    RockYou Staff

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    I haven't played in some time as I was at the end and waiting for new levels. I decide to come back and have to start all over at Level 1. Why??

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