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Thread: 07/01/2014 - Hello my name is Pebbles! Your Gardens of Time Community Manager!

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    Hi Pebbles. I have a problem with GOT from December 2014. All my tickets are getting hacked by the same employee Jack. I been attacked by some admin Heather (my English is not good for her). I am trying to reach a manager and I can't. Can you please reply. Thank you.

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    ???????? ?????????
    Hello Pebbles!
    How can I fix my name on the forum? I see it as - ???????? ?????????. Thank you.

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    Hello Everyone!

    Per some Time Agents request, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions thread to answer all of your questions. We will continue to add to it.

    Please check them out here under the Frequently Asked Questions thread.


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    Hi Pebbles, can you get the design team to give the name of the prize that you get on getting 4 stars from completed jigsaw, its very annoying searching through the whole data base for it, Thanks Ned 8-)

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    Please bring back the Crystal Chapters!

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