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Thread: 07/01/2014 - Hello my name is Pebbles! Your Gardens of Time Community Manager!

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    Hi Pebbles! Thanks for introducing yourself and I'm happy to report to you that my game is pretty much free of problems. Works great but I wonder, and if someone else has already addressed this, I apologize but.....have we lost the jigsaw puzzles forever? I was upgrading items like crazy right before the maintenance in an effort to collect pieces and open up more puzzles and was really close on a few when the maintenance happened and the jigsaw puzzle option went away. This is my main frustration at this point. Any idea if we will get the puzzles back or have they been eliminated from the game forever. Thanks!

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    JagCat Travis
    Quote Originally Posted by NY Minute View Post
    Hi again, Pebbles.

    To give you a little background related to JagCat's post where RY's Zendesk support link is referenced....

    PD used Zendesk for their support. RY does have a Zendesk account also. So, it was easy to make the assumption that RY would be using Zendesk for their support as well. What happened on FB was that some well-meaning players posted that everyone should register at RY's Zendesk so they'd be ready when the support there went live :-(

    Of course, as it turns out that was premature. Many of us have been trying to get the word out that that information did not come from RY, it's the incorrect site to use, and we've been providing the correct link for the actual support page. However, it's not reaching everyone :-(

    It is correct, though, that something is wrong with the log-in process. I have no problem, but many players - while able to access other sections of your website - can not log in to Support through the RY link. They either get kicked out, or get an invalid log-in msg.

    If you could pass that info along to the RY team, it would save a lot of headaches :-)
    This is where the confusion comes in... I cannot log-in to support through the RockYou link, and I do get replies when filing tickets through zendesk/rockyou link. I do not use IE, I use Chrome. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to not even be able to contact a SUPPORT department!

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    Hi Pebbles,

    It's wonderful that someone from RockYou is communicating with us now, but you keep telling us to contact support with our issues. I have tickets in with support, the first is 10 days old now, and still marked as new and awaiting assignment to a support agent. Support is clearly not able to get to all the tickets they already have, wouldn't entering more just make the problem worse?

    I have had several different issues since the transition started. When I could still get into my garden my lists were sometimes disappearing so I couldn't send or request anything, all of my neighbors were sometimes disappearing except for Lulu so I couldn't return any blitz's, I could only do 1 or 2 things such as play a scene or upgrade something then would get the refresh message. For several days now the closest I have been able to get into the game is the first send gifts screen, and not always even get that far. I have tickets in for all of these issues and have received nothing but the automated response from when they were first entered.

    The crystal chapter and time lab are ending, items are leaving the shop, a new chapter is coming, but those of us who can't get into the game have no opportunity to do anything about this.

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    Sherri Sanders
    Hiya Pebbles

    Wonderful to know someone is communicating with us (garden players) A warm welcome to you for your plate will probably be full at all times...I would like to see the return of Inner Circle and past gold items that have expired (Christmas Chapters/Old Crystal Chapters pertaining to holidays) as a valued player from the "Got" days that closed i had a wonderful garden with lost of items i purchased with gold that went into space when 'got' shafted us...i know we all have a list of "I wants" but maybe someway these expired items will return to my garden once again...thanks for your time and good luck with your position...Bluesapphire

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    Judi Braniff Bourgeois
    I have, several times Pebbles. I'm so discouraged. No one has answered me. I have three outstanding tickets. No word....

    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles View Post
    Hi Brigitte!

    Please contact Customer Support for further assistance here:


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    Pam Roberts
    I am also having issues with the game loading, tells me to refresh, I do and then it's the same thing all over again. I can't submit a ticket for customer support because it says I need to register. I registered and it said I would receive an e-mail on how to activate. Never received the e-mail.. VERY frustrated!!!!!!! Love this game and haven't been able to play in several days. and I was a daily player.

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    Lucie Dagesse
    Hi Pebbles, I was first getting a commercial that I had to watch before I could get into the game each time I logged on, now I am not getting that but I also am not getting any gifts and all my neighbors are gone. I cleared browser/flash and that didn't help. The other issue is I had moved way up in the game but didn't play for a while, when I started playing again most of my items in the garden were gone and it shows that I haven't done hardly any seens when I have already completed them, now I am starting over, what gives? I need neighbors and gifts in order to be able to play the game, why are they gone, they have been missing over 2 weeks, I put in a ticket and have not heard back from any one. Please help with these issues. Thank you.

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    Connie Krahenbuhl
    Please please get our game fixed and restore prior content

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    Hi Pebbles - hope we haven't given you a headache yet...
    INACTIVE GoT playID: Arabella05 (lost my garden due to accepting the Rock You transition. Sorry , now I am unable to play and accept requests.)
    INACTIVE GoT garden name: (weekly symbol) Arabella

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    Hi Arabella,

    I am totally fine thanks!

    Thanks all for reporting issues you are running into. I am able to gather some more of your related reports to escalate to the team.

    Hang tight!

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