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Thread: 07/09/2015 - Hello my name is Shelly Rose, your Words of Wonder Community Manager!

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    07/09/2015 - Hello my name is Shelly Rose, your Words of Wonder Community Manager!

    Hi Wordsmiths! My name is Shelly Rose and I am the Community Manager for Words of Wonder! As I have interacted and been in communication with some of you, I wanted to extend a message to the rest of you, and say hi! I am here to listen and work with you through communication with the Customer Support team and the rest of the game team to help with escalating and taking care of any issues, concerns, questions, ideas, and suggestions that you may have in the game.

    As a fellow Words of Wonder enthusiast, I am excited to work with you and get some suggestions and ideas of how to make this game the best it can be for you! I will be very active on here for you, and will be actively posting great tips and updates for you all in throughout the Forums, Fan Page, and Twitter. Be sure to become a fan on the Fan Page and be part of the fun activitiies, events, and posts that I put on there for you all! Don't forget to also Follow us on Pinterest and Twitter for some other fun events and updates to see what Words of Wonder has going on. Be sure to check out the FAQs for other questions as mentioned below, and also make sure to be active in the Bulliten Board and Suggestions and Ideas sub-forums section so that we can help!

    Please visit Words of Wonder’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

    Click below to access our Words of Wonder FAQs for help:

    Once you are there, enter keywords and browse the FAQs to find all the information you need!

    If your question is not found in the FAQ, click the following link to access Words of Wonder Support.

    Here is the link to the social media sites!
    Words of Wonder Facebook Fan Page-
    Words of Wonder Twitter- @Wordsofwatsons-
    Word of Wonder Pinterest Page-

    Thank you for playing Words of Wonder!

    Play Words of Wonder >>>
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    Dee Mayle Hallam
    I have a problem with Wof Wonder! Twice I was about to conquer evel 387 but I needed more turns. I purchased 60 golds and the game kept telling me I needed more coins. I finished the first game and it didn't register as a win. It stuck right before the final word burst. I decided to play again. I just got to the end once more and again, tried to use the gold I had purchased to add turns and it kept saying I needed more Again I purchased 60 golds that didn't register until I reloaded the game This is getting ridiculous! I pay to play and can't get what I pay for. Now I have the 60 coins but will once again spend them all trying to conquer level 387!? No! I am reorting this to Facebook and paypal if I don't get that level passed as I had it TWICE! and spent bokos to get it Thanks.

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    Regina Burson-Chinn
    I am having the same issue!! GRRRRRRR!!!!

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    Penny Brock
    HELLO- I Was Just Playing My 1st Game W The Diamonds & It Explains You Get 15 & To Play Ya Use 5 Well My 1st Time I Got Free Diamonds & Almost Done W Level & Game Started Over, Lost Both Of Them & The Level Not Beat, Tried Again & Same Thing Happened!!!!!!! Is There ANY Way To Get My Diamonds Back- I Only Have 5 Now.......TY

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    Penny Brock
    WOW!!!???! The SAME Thing Just Happened To My Energy On My Regular Game- I Lost 20 Energys.......I NEED MY ENERGYS BACK & MY DIAMONDS.......PLEASE!!!???!

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    Bernice Gracie
    has anyone any idea why it keeps freezing, Im almost over W of W, the problems just keep on occurring.

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    Cindy King McGee
    I had a problem with Words of Wonder back in 8/2014. I was on level 338. I was sick and in the hospital for a time and didn't play for a few weeks. I come back on and when I logged in to my game it was at level 1!!!! I've contacted support and haven't heard anything from them since 8/2014 about restoring my game. Just sent them another message. Lets see what happens now. I feel if they can put my game back to level 1 they can put it back to level 338 where I was!!

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    Beatriz Aragunde
    Tengo un problema con el nivel 344 según el tutorial los movimientos son 28 pero en el juego aparecen solo 17 y es imposible pasar las 20 letras moviles, no tengo oro y quiero pasarlo como coresponde sin bloosters, por favor alguna respuesta porque voy a tener que dejar de jugar y es algo que me apasiona y me divierte mucho.Gracias

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    My wife and I are in our sixty's and have enjoyed Words of wonder for some time now, Why is it that we now have to pay to join the keepers society to progress to the next level IE level 61. Surley you make enough from the advertising without charging, come on play the game.

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