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Thread: Chat for Socializing in GOT

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    Phyllis Apluvsu Oliver

    Chat for Socializing in GOT

    The best thing about Playdom was our ability for all of our friends to be able to chat and socialize. This was more important than actually playing the game itself. We were able to share our sad or happy times with our friends. We were able to comfort one another when we needed comforting. We laughed with each other, cried with each other and showed love to each other. We miss this ability to be able to share with our friends.

    We are all hoping Rockyou will make it a place to play, have fun and chat with our friends. That is what 99% of us miss most from what I hear and have been told.

    Please make it to where we can share with our friends by making it possible for us to have a place to chat while we play.

    We also like competitions such as playing against another team for gold, silver, crystals, prizes etc. That's what makes the game more fun and interesting instead of boring. When one team would have a gold tourney we had the option to jump to that team if we so chose.

    We are so bored at Facebook it isn't funny and I do believe if we don't have a place to chat and socialize then this be be the death of GOT.

    We can find any game to play on the Internet but we need to be with our friends and we need to be able to share with one another through chatting.

    Please make this possible for all of us.

    If I have left out anything I would appreciate it if friends would add to this post.

    From what I've seen from Rockyou so far it appears this is going to be a great place to play.

    Thank you Rockyou for continuing a game we all love.

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    Ginny Keene
    Fabulous suggestion Apluvsu. Hope Rockyou can work on this idea. (I was dandylions on pd)

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    Rose Roseswild Swild
    Yep the chat feature is what made special and what kept us there with each other for several years.

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    Natik Mezzardi
    I completely agree with Phyllis - we need that moving chat where all of us can socialize in real time! We miss it and we want to have it now!

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    Sarah Got Kelly
    Yes please! Our wall feed was instrumental in building relationships, general socializing, support, etc. I am soooo grateful that the game was saved, and restoring the social capability of this social game would be fantastic!

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