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Thread: Now there are ads from sponsors?

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    Sandy Johnson Maley
    I get the ads also but before yesterday after 10 seconds a button would come up that says skip ad I would get this once a day. Yesterday it does the same thing but if I let the computer sit on a scene without clicking anything then another ad pops up or just a black screen with small white writing near the top left corner says your video will start shortly but if I click anywhere within the black screen it goes away.

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    Trucent Garden
    First it happened in WoW and now in GoT. State Farm ad runs over and over and over. Can't play. Giving them 24 hours to fix or I am informing State Farm that I will NEVER buy insurance from them!

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    Alexia Champagne
    I have bought gold too just last week. I am still getting the ads and unless we complain here nothing will get done because just like on Playdom they are not answering support tickets.
    It is very insulting to have the ad keep cycling telling to to buy gold to stop ads when you already have paid for gold. Wake up Rock You or you will see the same mass exits that plagued Playdom.

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    Kim McDaniel Nish
    Add me as another one that routinely bought/buys gold and gets non-stop ads with no way to get out of them except to refresh. I'll be gone if they don't fix it.

    PS. Would like to encourage everyone that is having this problem to look right below the reply space to where it says "TAGS". These are searchable keywords that people can really quickly look for. I encourage all my fellow players to tag their post with two terms. "leaving game", and "ads". The tags will pop up on the administrators screen when they go into it and if they get enough activity, it might make them look at all the posts. Doubt they'll kill the game this quickly as they just bought it!
    Last edited by Kim McDaniel Nish; 07-18-2014 at 09:26 AM.

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    One of the reasons I stopped playing MSN games was all of the ads. I too paid money for gold to keep the ads from coming but I think part of the problem is that some of the links are still to Playdom and not RockYou so the game thinks that you have not bought gold because the response went to Playdom rather than RockYou so since the link is not working correctly the game can set the switch to tell GOT not to display the ad. The problem with the ads is that there is no way to mute them and if you use an ad blocker then it gives you that error message and then you have to refresh the screen which is not a problem as I use the ad blocker because the ad interferes when watching other videos. I am not going to be held hostage by RockYou. I do understand that they use the ads for the revenue they receive and I understand this is a problem that will eventually be fixed.

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    Ginger Broudy Nixon
    I'm still getting ads even though I made a very recent purchase. This used to be a fun game to play, but now that the new owners are in town, it really sucks. Can't even get a ticket answered that I submitted over two weeks ago. Much worse than playdum. At least playdum answered tickets. Not necessarily how you wanted them answered, but they answered them. And a whole lot more timely. rockyou is picking and choosing which tickets to read/respond. And apparently the ads will NEVER stop no matter how much you spend.

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    Nigel Jones
    Getting well f'kd off with the fking adverts every time I go into the game. Go in to play the game and a message from our sponsors pops up every time. RockYou, shove your adverts where the sun doesn't shine. We want to play the game, NOT watch endless adverts.

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    Kathleen Day
    Install Ad blocker

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    Sandy Johnson Maley
    Pebbles can you please give us an answer as to why those of us who are purchasing gold are still being bombarded with all these ads. This is the same as false advertising and is not right. It states on the ad you can be ad free for 45 days if you purchase gold. I bought gold twice, the second time was Friday, and still getting them. I am trying to give RockYou the benefit of the doubt but since they went off Playdoms servers this game is messed up and I am losing neighbors. It really is ridiculous.

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    I could tolerate it if there were a way to block the damn audio without shutting it down for everything else. I tend to have the game up, and switch now and then to check email, etc. If I have to listen to the FREAKIN' SMARMY Mercedes ad one more time, I'm thinking of leaving. If they haven't figured out by now that I am NOT interested in the products in their current ads, then give me a break! (And, yes, I am one of the fools who buys gold for this game, so I am not playing for free.)

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