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Thread: Any other way to get help?

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    Rose North

    Unhappy Any other way to get help?

    Is there any other way to get help? I have sent help requests to RockYou and on the forum. I haven't had any responses, except from RockYou, showing the case was closed. Very frustrating, as I can't play unless someone can help me.

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    Judi Copeland
    There really isn't much you can do on this forum because people only come here with questions; not the ones who actually run the RockYou games. You can only hope someone here has had the same problem and resolved it. Other than that, you can contact RockYou support and wait, and wait, and wait...and maybe they will give you an answer that is helpful. Check frequently on your ticket status so it doesn't quickly go into the closed category if too much time passes.

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    What level are you on? And exactly what are you having for problems, I might be able to help. Or I can try and help

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    You may be able to help me, I am on Level 387 and finding it almost impossible. I have not even been close. The bombs seem to get stuck behind blanks and every word I make, the 3 lightening bolts change 3 tiles, making it more difficult. When I get by the count down , I have more bombs than letters to make words.
    Much appreciated if you can assist. Thank you

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