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    Becki Glass-Murphy


    Can anyone please tell me if I switch Careers even though I haven't finished mastering all the one's I have now would I still be able to go back and forth between careers I would love to try something new and different is this allowed and if so would I just be able to pick up where I left off one the job I either had just finished or will start next? Any and all help appreciated

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    You can switch careers all you want without losing progress. It's a good way to get extra promotions, too! Enjoy!
    RockYou QA- City Girl Life

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    Becki Glass-Murphy
    thank MarshaQA

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    A new career is coming, they've hinted that we're going to be creative in this one. Maybe an artist? ;)

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    Ush She
    Cool, you'd awesome if there be an artist career! Thanks for this information about exchanges...!

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    Becki Glass-Murphy
    we need a whole bunch of different careers that would be great ....

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