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Thread: FPO Glitch?

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    Hannah Fakemiddlename Perkins

    Question FPO Glitch?

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    I am redecorating my apartment and I come across this weird little glitch... FPO? It's actually the zebra print rug but the picture is that instead.

    Anyone have some insight?

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    Acknowledged. I'll get a fix for this into the works.
    RockYou QA- City Girl Life

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    Hannah Fakemiddlename Perkins
    Quote Originally Posted by MarshaQA View Post
    Acknowledged. I'll get a fix for this into the works.
    I looked it up, and this is what I found:
    FPO means For Position Only. FPO is the placement of a blank placeholder or a temporary low-resolution illustration in the required location and size on the camera ready artwork to indicate where an actual image is to be placed on the final film or plate. FPO images are commonly used when you've been supplied actual photographic prints or other type of artwork to be scanned or photographed for inclusion.
    Makes perfect sense now!

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