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Thread: Hair! accessories!

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    Amanda Davis

    Exclamation Hair! accessories!

    Please put a hair salon or something like that for us to buy hair styles tired of the same thing every day and there is nothing to buy unless you pay real $ witch I'm not willing to do! I would also like to see an accessories store as well Thank you! Please if you agree post that you would like this as well maybe they will create something for us! Thanx and happy playing!!!!

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    Melissa Jeanne Jeffcoat
    I definitely agree. It would be nice to be able to have jewelry, bags, outerwear that you can put on over your outfit....layering like in the Fashion Week Live game.

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    Alicia Gray Thacker
    I agree, would like some long hair with soft curls. Also would like to have hair accessories that we can put on any style hair.

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