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Thread: 08/14/2014 - Gardens of Time iPhone/iPad Site is Live!

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    Nicola Jarvis

    Angry why is the game reliant on flash player

    Quote Originally Posted by Tory View Post
    I realize the player base for mGoT is less than the FB version, but we are a dedicated bunch and take our gaming seriously. Just look at the pages and pages of comments in the announcement section!

    RY took over from playdom back in the spring and while we are happy our game wasn't discontinued at this point it might as well have been.

    We were given ONE week to accept the TOS for the transition. Many were already suffering from the " could not contact servers" error and so were not able to consent. For those of us that were, many lost all their neighbours or had their high level games reset to level 1. I spent real $$ on this game, no way I will start over from level 1; I've filed a ticket etc., but RY hasn't even indicated that if games remain unrecoverable we'll be compensated (with gold) for having to start over.

    It feels like communication with support goes into a black hole. It's frustrating and many are upset.

    This forum could be a place where consistent updates are given but it's not. We're just told "yes, there are problems, we're working on it". What are the problems? Why did it happen? What is the time frame? How are you trying to solve the issues? Just be honest and communicate with us.

    Support could send me a reply back with "yes Tory, we are aware of the problem you're experiencing and we are working hard to resolve this issue. Please bear with us but we've encountered unforeseen issues with the game migration. In the meantime, here's 300 gold, to spend on your new garden until we can get you access back to your old one".

    ^^at least this would make your customers feel like they are being heard, I'd know my ticket didn't get sucked into a support vortex, and it would at least encourage me to continue playing your game. Because at this point I'm not. I'm playing other games, other games that are not RY because I no longer have faith in your ability to deal honestly with your customers.

    *i created a new thread with this content but as it appears new threads have to be moderated I'm not confident in it showing up anytime soon so I'm replying to this thread with my original post.
    .....for a long time players were told that they needed flash player in order to play on FB and in order to get by this, on iOS an app had to be purchased. for the amount of money that players pay towards the game, why isnt more money being put back into getting things working properly. i chose to include Tory's quote as i feel those of us who have been loyal are not getting the feedback and treatment that they really do deserve considering we are paying in real money for a game that gives nothing else back, there is nothing to hold on to and for some, i imagine the purchases could amount to the cost of a small family car. this really isnt good enough, that players are posting on forums, albeit to keep others in the loop, or having to put in multiple tickets, to get so little back. now to find that iOS and the FB game cannot be synced - is yet another blow. for many years i wanted an iOS yet was not in the financial situation and now i am, i want to be able to play the game that i have put a lot of time and money into. the game plays excellently on iOS (in my case ipad) but i DO NOT want to start over and i will keep asking questions until something can be done about syncing the game. yes i know, at the mo the mobile version and the FB version are not identical, BUT WHY NOT? AGAIN, for the cost that players are providing towards the game, why can not some of the proportion be towards converging the two versions together

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    Nicola Jarvis
    flash player is so old, and has been around for so long, its slow and crappy and a lot of companies are no longer using or supporting flash player at all. come on RY, move into the 21st C and provide us with a supa-dupa up-to-date game that we all enjoy to play. WE ARE PAYING A LOT AFTER ALL

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    JP Carter
    I agree I too lost all levels friends etc very frustrating..trying to add friends now is difficult, is there a link or page in the forum to access players IDs so we can add them as friends? Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles View Post
    Hello Everyone!

    For those of you who have accepted the TOS, and see your garden reset. Please contact Gardens of Time Mobile Support and create a ticket with Subject: Accepted TOS, game not restored.

    The team will escalate your report.

    Thanks in advance!
    I have succesfully accepted TOS, and my game actually IS restored, but since transistion I get the error "cannot contact servers", so haven't been able to load/open my game anymore.
    Some of my neighbors confirmed my level 200 game has been restored, otherwise I wouldn't even know that.

    In all given information on this forum, I haven't seen any info about the "cannot contact servers" issue, neither an advice on what to do, if games are affected with this error.
    Is this a known issue at customer support too, Pebbles?

    Well, one thing I already know: I should NOT delete the game, reinstall and reconnect to Facebook.
    I know, when I do that, my game will directly reset to a default level 1 game.

    And do I know that?
    Not by any warning from Rock You!!!!!, but via my dear friends. I'm so very sorry for all mGOT players who where so brave to be the guinea pigs and reinstalled/reconnected to FB and now lost their games AFTER a succesfull transition.

    I have submitted a support ticket for my issue, it has even been escalated. But at the same time my ticket got a new subject: related to Facebook platform, awaiting my response. I have replied several times, saying I'm a mobile player. Since then, my ticket is "being processed", and haven't heard anything from Customer Support.

    I have submitted a new ticket. With subject: "Accepted TOS", game restored, game not loading".
    This, actually, is my VERY LAST attempt. I swear. Otherwise: it'll be farewell to my beloved mGOT game forever.

    WHY am I not able to contact servers after transition on my iPad with my succesfully restored level 200 game,
    (((while I can easily start a new level 1 game on my husbands iPad, btw !!! )))
    mGOT play-ID: Johanny
    mGOT garden name: ! AmourWasBack16Oct2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAmour View Post
    WHY am I not able to contact servers after transition on my iPad with my succesfully restored level 200 game
    PLEASE RockYou.......answer or provide a solution!

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    How do you file a support ticket without Facebook? Why are we being expected to have a Facebook account?? So I don't get support because I don't have Facebook? I'm an iOS player who plays on iPad. What does that have to do with Facebook??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaghettihead View Post
    How do you file a support ticket without Facebook? Why are we being expected to have a Facebook account?? So I don't get support because I don't have Facebook? I'm an iOS player who plays on iPad. What does that have to do with Facebook??
    We found a way around the Facebook requirement see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dingy1 View Post
    We found a way around the Facebook requirement see

    Okay thanks Dingy I will keep that info handy should the need arise.

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