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Thread: Trading?

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    Kaih Caisie


    I think trading would be a nice feature, I have things my friends want and they have things that I want. It would just be cool to have.

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    Alissa Nolder
    Personally I like this idea. I'm not sure how it would work, but being able to trade items with friends would be great.

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    Putu Umy Dharmawijaya
    Hi, it would be good idea anyway. I'm added, how about enable of doing "Garage Sale"? Well, I'm thinking of probably we need more room in our closet or storage then we sell the unwanted goods, decors or apparels, etc

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    Linda Symak
    IF you could ...make it so we can gift things from our own closet and inventory to our friends...if they don't want it they can gift to their friends.

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    Traveller Kika
    I like the idea too, to be able to sell or to gift to friends. But I would like this could be done in an anonymous way, to don't benefit somebody particularly and not to the rest. The difficulty here is how to do it to avoid abuse or do just a fair reserve of a particular item (to state a rule to avoid favoritism).

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