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Thread: People Not Showing Up For REQUESTS

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    Jean Smith

    People Not Showing Up For REQUESTS

    I have to ask for some of my neighbors to give me recommendations for a job. Only 2 people who are actually playing the game show up, but I have more friends than that playing the game and none of them are showing up on my "list". They ARE showing down at the bottom, where I can click to visit them. But they are NOT showing on any list where I can tick their names in order to ask them to recommend me for jobs. Please help, I would like to be able to finish this without have to spend gold on it - because I WILL NOT be spending gold to fix this bug.
    Thank you for ANY help!

    ADD ME as a neighbour if you would like to! I play at all hours, night & day! Thanks!

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    Jennifer Estes
    I'm having the same problem.

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    Mary Marangi
    I'm having the same problem...

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    Amanda Davis
    You might have delete the app and then add again it worked for me all my neighbors showed up right away! Hope this will help you all oh and you can add me if you'd like!

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    Katie D'Angelo
    having the same problem,i even tried removing the app and adding it again but no luck.I also removed some of my friends i don't talk to but they still show up when i go to request items to help progress the game,but the people i know that play it do not show up when requesting items

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    Deaundra Forbiddenkiss Hobson
    I am having this same issue...
    I cant request help from any of the new people I added. I even tried removing then re- applying the app to my app and no results.. please fix this

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    Isabelle van Heugten
    When you remove the app, make sure you clear cache, browser-history, cookies etc. and restart computer before re-adding app, it worked for me and my Neighbors showed up, and the inactive ones were gone :-)

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    Chassidy Kwon

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