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Thread: pretty items for spring

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    Jennifer Niemi

    pretty items for spring

    I would love to see some pretty items for spring in the next few months. It would be such fun to travel to Ireland in March and be able to collect some really nice SPRING items for our gardens.

    DAFFODILS! I would love to have 1x1-square yellow daffodil patch that really looks like daffodils. Something akin to the snowdrops in size and clarity. And what about a tree just beginning to leaf out? 1x1-square but the size of the Syrup Collection or Magnolia which are wonderful sizes when decorating. Wrought iron fencing and an iron gate would make lovely decorations, too.

    An IRISH CASTLE IN SPRING with trees budding and daffodils blooming would be a stunning wonder. A 3x3-square item with birds flitting about when fully upgraded. And if we were to visit Ireland for two chapters, a second castle, this one in ruins, could be another wonder. The daffodils in that one would have naturalized throughout the grounds.

    A larger sized STONE BRIDGE would make a wonderful artifact. 1x2-square or even 2x2-square. Perhaps a stone garden statue? An angel? A saint? GRAZING SHEEP in a 2x2-square field would be lovely.

    An IRISH COUNTRY COTTAGE or two in spring could be buildings. And how about a potato farm? Not as pretty as a cottage but very useful for pastoral scenes.

    And GRASS PATHWAYS! Ones that are available for silver so that we can use them freely as we do sand, snow, etc...

    And a new gate? A new gate for spring? Wrought iron with spring flowers spilling out of containers and growing next to it. Lots of colour to show the garden coming back to life. Daffodils (of course) and perhaps some tulips and hyacinths. Maybe some even English bluebells or Siberian Squill.

    Finally, for Days of Crafting, what about a 3x3-square item with a small MEANDERING STREAM, small rocks here and there, TREES LEAFING OUT and lots and lots of naturalized DAFFODILS growing under those trees. Perhaps two or three grazing sheep as well. It would be gorgeous.

    I love Gardens of Time as many do. My favourite part of the game is decorating but in order to do that, I need pretty items with which to decorate. I'm sure others feel the same way.
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    Petey Collinsworth
    This years spring/summer chapters were too dark. I liked the wizard chapters, but it would have been more appropriate for October. We need more flowers and budding trees for spring with pretty buildings. Animated birds and butterflies would be nice. How about a flowering vine with animated hummingbirds? Grass pathways would also be nice so that the roamers could walk along the grass, and yes, to be bought with silver. I would like to see the days of crafting return to days of giving...or at least of choice of which way we want to go! I like the idea of a meandering stream and daffodils that LOOK LIKE daffodils! I also agree that an Irish chapter for St Patricks day would be very nice, with castles as the wonders.

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    Kelly Bassin

    Grass pathways

    I would LOVE to have plain grass pathways! Perhaps they could be unlocked at a certain level, but not cost anything (like other standard pathways).
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    Jennifer Niemi
    I couldn't help but notice that over in Pebbles' thread, asking for chapter suggestions on behalf of Lulu, there has been some interest evident for DAFFODILS and GRASS PATHWAYS. Perhaps others playing the game would also enjoy a really PRETTY spring chapter in the new year. One that will satisfy those of us who love flowers and decorating and... well... GARDENS!

    I know that when I started this thread, I had suggested Ireland as a location as it worked with the daffodil, green & spring elements but Wales was suggested by another player. That would probably work, too, unless there are better themes available for a visit to Wales. And, of course, there's always Scotland.

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    Carol Hoshall
    I concur with all of the above! If you're looking for another location that would make a great spring chapter, I suggest Charleston, SC and its environs. Lots of history and beauty - the Battery, Rainbow Row, Magnolia Gardens, Middleton Plantation, the Sea Islands (nearby), etc.

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    Jennifer Niemi
    Laura Child's Tea Shop Mysteries paint Charleston so beautifully, Carol. I'm sure GoT gardeners would love to visit there. And jonquils (a type of daffodil) likely grow well there, too!

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    Heidi Quinnell
    Yes, I would really like a green, friendly, light, colourful spring chapter or two with daffodils, grass paths, as building and artefact we could still have trees and shrubs instead of more garden sheds, or maybe a Victorian garden folly? The Lost Gardens of Heligan would be ideal for that, or the Eden Project in Cornwall... huge scope for splashes of colour and plants of all sorts

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    Karen K Williamson Gibson
    I'd LOVE to travel to Ireland and gather some privet hedges as decorations and I would love something, ANYTHING that gave me a swan floater.

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    Cindy Stetson Salles
    Ohhh a swan floater would be fabulous!!! Floating along side pretty patches of daffodils!! I can see it now

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    Jennifer Niemi
    A swan floater would be AMAZING!!! Oh, so beautiful. Perfect in a pretty garden.

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