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Thread: Add Friends: iOS Gardens of Time

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    Add Friends: iOS Gardens of Time

    This thread is for posting your playID so others can add you as a friend in the MOBILE version of Gardens of Time.

    You can find your playID by tapping the social button on the bottom left of your garden:

    Then your window will look like this. Your playID is located in the 3rd column on the right:

    Here's a shot of the correct column:

    The playIDs can be long and complicated so be sure to post it correctly along with your current garden name or CHANGE it to something simpler (the change button is visible in the 3rd picture).

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    Posted this a while ago....anyone else find it really depressing that not one person has posted their playID? Does no one have access to their game?

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    Hi all, I think there are quite a few people having trouble commenting, replying or posting a new threaded item. It took awhile before I either had permissions to do any of those items one day after I logged in to try again. I found the add a reply button at the bottom to each post when before I would only see reply with quote which still won't work for me. Then I found the place to post a thread. N-e-ways, I was thinking maybe the are other people who are having trouble, too.

    And some people just don't like posting on forums or Facebook and enjoyed being able to add neighbors through the game itself! Will this option be available in the future??? It would be nice! ;-)

    Oh and my play ID for my iPad is: EarthLilysPad & iPhone is: EarthLilysPad2

    Thanks, Trinity_333777

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    Rtoz Zil
    Please add me. My iPad id: rtoz

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    Annette Carl Hollinsworth
    My play ID is 17025215647. The name is my garden in My Special Garden. I would love to have lots of new neighbors.

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    Rhea Riegel
    I am GradGirl if anyone needs more neighbors.

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    Allister Roy Sio Chua
    Sorry I saw this just now! I was out of action for three weeks due to an operation.

    My PlayID is allisteroychua, and my garden's name is The Garden of Dreams.

    I check my Garden every day, so I can give gifts and material requests daily too.

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    My Gardens of Time ID is 1176465908, and my user name Eighteenth Dynasty. I'm an iPad player...

    Sorry I didn't post sooner but they wouldn't approve my posting for months!

    I visit every day and give as much as they will let me, but I only have 8 (out of more than 230) neighbors left since the handover and only one of them appears to be very active. Moving ahead is nearly impossible as I can't gain points without upgrades and can't upgrade without neighbors to exchange materials! Been playing the same panel for over six months now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annette Carl Hollinsworth View Post
    My play ID is 17025215647. The name is my garden in My Special Garden. I would love to have lots of new neighbors.
    Dmy ipad says it can't find your ID...

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    Charisa Willis Chavez
    Need IOS neighbors on GOT. My player ID: cheri2012

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