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Thread: Chapter 10 - Levels 136 through 150

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    Mary Sturgeon

    level 140

    Dont understand what i have to do.

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    Melissa Campbell
    You have to get a x2 red square and a x3 Diamond square and create a word for it. Although I just did it but it only recognized 2 of my 3 matches and didn't notice my other 2. Grrrrr. I actually made 5 matches.

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    Heidi Petersen

    Getting past level 140

    Can anyone give me a better explanation to play level 140 than the support help? I have been stuck for a long while. Thanks!

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    Maria Huntley

    words of wonder level 147

    I just can;t seem to get past this level. I have been playing this level for a long time. I just can't seem to get even one quill dropped. Does any one have any suggestions for me. I really can't afford to buy the extra things to help with playing. I am willing to try anything! Please help! Thanks in advance!

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    Laurie McCue Sheffield
    I know what you mean......I have tried this level for over a month, with no luck. All the other levels gave me a bit of a challenge, but this is crazy. That one quill just goes to the left hand corner......that is all.

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    Sally Kennedy
    The way to clear a stuck quill is usually with combos. Try to create a 5 or more letter word, then create another one near it. It is even better if you can create a 7 or 8 letter word and combine it with a 5 letter word. So, the idea is to blow up a large area of letters toward the bottom of the board. By spelling a word containing a line clear and a blue tile, near the stuck quill, you should be able to get the quill to drop through. If you can only get two 5 letter words in that section, it will probably still help. Try it again by creating and using a combination of blue, pink, and line clear tiles to blow up enough letters to allow the quill to pass out of the board.

    This is a trick that will help you get through many obstacles in different levels of the game.

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    Sally Kennedy
    Hi Heidi, The ribbons, vials, and lava are the obstacles to try to overcome to get enough 4 letter words. Try to use the ribbons in making a 4 letter word to try to clear those out of the way. If you can make a new 4 letter word when clearing the previous 4 letter word, you will have a head start on the next one. If one falls into the lava, try to use it before it burns up, if possible. Clearing items to allow more letters to fall through, will give you more options for creating those four letter words. If you create a 4 letter word that ends on a double ribbon, you won't get a pink tile (4 letter word). However, if you end a 4 letter word on a tile that has 1 or no ribbon left, you will get a pink tile. I try to concentrate on one section instead of the entire board until I can clear some of the obstacles. If you can create some 4 letter words in the top part of the board, before you clear the ribbons, that will keep them from dropping into the lava. You may have to try again several times before you get a board that will let you make enough 4 letter words. If you still can't get it, you can try using some boosts such as the lava clear, although it isn't necessary to use boosts to pass this one. If you can clear a pink tile by making a new 4 letter word, you will have plenty of moves to pass the level.

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    Chapter 10 - Levels 136 through 150

    Level 136: Clear the Ink!
    Level 137: Spell 3 Six-Letter Words!
    Level 138: Drop 6 Quills!
    Level 139: Spell 8 Five-Letter Words!
    Level 140: Clear 8 "x2" Tiles!
    Level 141: Drop 1 Quill!
    Level 142: Spell 6 Five-Letter Words!
    Level 143: Clear 105 Tiles!
    Level 144: Score 10725 Points in 108 Seconds!
    Level 145: Clear the Ink!
    Level 146: Spell 8 Five-Letter Words!
    Level 147: Drop 3 Quills!
    Level 148: Clear 6 "x2" Tiles!
    Level 149: Clear 12 "R" Tiles!
    Level 150: Drop 1 Quill!
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    Marilyn Yeckering
    I can't get past 147, that one letter still goes to the left corner and the quill is blocking it. I'm ready to quit the game.

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    Ginny Woodring
    I can't get past Level 150. You have to capture 20 quills. I am more than ready to quit this game for good. Getting to hard to be fun!!!

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