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Thread: Chapter 23 - Levels 331 through 345

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    Diane Roy Russell

    Words of Wonder Level 339

    I don't know if anyone has gotten thru this level 339, but I need help. It says to clear the ink, the screen is divided into top and bottom with ink vials in the middle. Can't get to the bottom ink, because there is no way to remove the ink vials. Asked for help from the support team, and they directed me here, evidently they don't know how to play their own game.
    Please please help if you have gone thru this level 339.

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    Juan Marcelo Dávila
    Si tenes flojera en traducir el texto podes mirar le video.


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    Mariana Constantin
    Ciao a tutti ,io sono al 344 ,non lo passo piu ,il motivo non si sa ,ma perche ogni tanto ci ferma ?
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    Sally Kennedy
    The only way I know how to get those ink vials to break is to try to create and use combos near where the ink vials are located. That means making some 4 and 5 letter words that will give you a pink and blue tile that are close to one another, near the row of ink vials that need to be broken. When you create a new word with your colored tiles, it will blow up more than just the immediate tiles, enough to break one of those ink vials. If you can make a line clear and a blue or pink, or multiple pinks together before you make your combo word, it will blow up a bigger area. However, the bombs are really interfering with all of this. Even when you break the vials, sometimes the bombs get stuck in the corners and there is no way to spell a word to burst them. I would recommend using the boost that clears the bombs for 3 moves to get you out of that mess. You might get lucky and get through it without using boosts, but be mindful of spelling words that will burst the bombs before they count down to zero. There is also the hammer boost which can break a pesky vial as well. I think I had to keep trying multiple times to get through this level and I probably used a boost or 2 to do it.

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    Phil Weaver

    Level 344

    Did you make 344 so difficult so players would have to buy gold to get through it???

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    Suzanne Porter

    Level 339 stuck :(

    Hi, does anyone have any hints or tips on how to smash the ink bottles on level 339 please? Have tried all I can think of but so far no good.

    Would very much appreciate any help
    Many thanks


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    Chapter 23 - Levels 331 through 345

    Level 331: Clear 85 Tiles!
    Level 332: Clear 7 Flying Letters!
    Level 333: Clear 5 "x3" Tiles!
    Level 334: Drop 7 Quills!
    Level 335: Clear 110 Tiles!
    Level 336: Clear the Ink!
    Level 337: Score 10400 Points in 126 Seconds!
    Level 338: Clear 10 Flying Letters!
    Level 339: Clear the Ink!
    Level 340: Drop 7 Quills!
    Level 341: Clear 205 Tiles!
    Level 342: Use a x2 + x3 Four Times!
    Level 343: Drop 5 Quills!
    Level 344: Clear 14 Flying Letters!
    Level 345: Clear the Ink!

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    Kim Scroggs
    I have to agree with Phil. I have been trying to get through level 344 for about 3 weeks now.
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    Kim Scroggs
    I have to agree with Phil. I have been trying to get through level 344 for about 3 weeks now.

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    Sirkka Alén
    I've been stuck on level 345 for a few weeks and this seems impossible to get through! Any tips?!
    Have tried several different stragedies but nothing works Can't afford real money!

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