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Thread: Chapter 24 - Levels 346 through 360

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    Here are some suggestions for Level 356!

    1. Since the Quill feathers spawn from the top, I would work from the middle and bottom of the board.
    2. Clearing Quills are done when you spell words beneath them to make them drop down. The Quills can call fall down to fill gaps and diagonally from side to side, so you need to be active on the board. Here are some of the suggestions, that I have jotted down for you that I am hopeful will help you with level 356.
    3. Always start on the side that has the Quills exposed first.
    4. Spell large words to allow more Quills to drop, plan it out take your time, and make sure that you have as good board.
    5. Try to create 7 letters words and connect to together so large explosions will clear lines and rows on the board.
    6. Suggested boosts to us are: Quill Net, +3 Moves, Hammer, and Shuffle.

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    Here are some suggestions for Level 358!

    1. You need to Untie those double wrapped ribbon tiles to do anything with those tile so that means you have to spell two words with that tile to completely unwrap the ribbons from the tile. I suggest the second time that you when you finally unwrap it that it is with a 4 or 6 letter letter word so that you can start to use that x2 Bonus tile or Line Clearing bonus tile since you need that in your objective and need those tiles.
    2. Once you remove those ribbons more letters will fall and that will help you big time.
    3. I also encourage you to make sure that you have good letters for your Giant tiles off the bat, and if you dont then exit the level, and lose the energy since those tile are really valuable. Try for commonly used letters that will help you make big words like S, D, E,I, R, or N. Remember that Giant Tile can help create the words but the bonus tile appears as the last letter so keep that in mind and dont waste turns.
    4. Once you create the 4 letter x2 bonus tile and the 6 letter line clearing tile you need to then combine them together so at that point, I would suggest when combining them to try to create another 6-letter line clearing bonus tile or 4-letter x2 bonus tile while doing that to give you a head start on the creation of your new combo that needs to be created.
    5. For example if If I form the word (LAKE) the E will be my x2 Bonus tile, and then I create a word making a line clearing bonus tile like (MONSTER) the R will become the line clearing bonus tile. At that point in order for it to register as the objective. You need to combine the x2 and line clear clearing E and R in a word. You can do the word (RENT) or any word that is using those two bonus tiles, if you do RENT, then you already have formed the x2 bonus tile of T for your next move.
    6. You need to be strategic and make sure that you utilize every move and make a word that is needed for the objective and or make as many 4 and 6 letter words and stock up on them and then use them in creation for the future.
    7. Suggested and useful boosts for this level are: Untie 3 random ribbons will help with one of the layers, Tile Swp or Shuffle to help with your tile selection, and +3 moves.

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    Starr, Have you suggestion for 352?Thanks

    It is good,lol!
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