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Thread: Chapter 27 - Levels 391 through 405

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    Jeannie Lock

    Level 401

    Does anyone have any hints for Level 401?

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    Chapter 27 - Levels 391 through 405

    Level 391: Clear 110 Tiles!
    Level 392: Clear the Ink!
    Level 393: Use a x3 + x3 Four Times!
    Level 394: Drop 5 Quills!
    Level 395: Clear 13 Flying Letters!
    Level 396: Clear 110 Tiles!
    Level 397: Drop 5 Quills!
    Level 398: Clear the Ink!
    Level 399: Drop 7 Quills!
    Level 400: Score 15750 Points in 104 Seconds!
    Level 401: Use a x2 + x2 Five Times!
    Level 402: Clear 15 Flying Letters!
    Level 403: Clear 130 Tiles!
    Level 404: Clear the Ink!
    Level 405: Drop 7 Quills!

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    Cindy Guevara

    Just a tip

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeannie Lock View Post
    Does anyone have any hints for Level 401?
    I did beat this level, try to get to the bottom of the screen where more tiles lay and then you have a good chance of making the 2x2's.

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    Can someone tell me how they cleared level 404. Having trouble clearing the ink at the very bottom in the middle.

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    Me too, need assistance. Seems as tho you have to try for weeks and weeks then finally the vowels come down and is achievable. Then 2 levels later the same happens, more players if the games was fairer.

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    Level 404.

    To break the ink in the middle/bottom, have to use a line clear , got that right but still trying to beat this level.

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    Still at level 404. Anyone to help???????????????????

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    Here are some suggestions for Level 404!

    1. For this level, you are going to want to watch out for the Water Tiles and Lava in the corners and donít let get to the middle of the board. VERY IMPORTANT!
    2. Also remember that the top 2 blue colored vials are full of ink tiles so those need to be broken as well but make sure to break them, when you have a board set up.
    3. Try to make 5 and letter words to create those bonus tiles to use with the Lava vial. Then make it explode with a 6 or 7 letter bonus tile. Those types of bonus tile combo explosions will essentially blow up majority of your board and clear a bunch of ink tiles for you.
    4. If you canít make the bonus tiles then a Detonator Boost will help with that
    5. To clear the bottom if you need to for more times those can be cleared by forming a 5 letter word and making sure that the last letter which is the bonus tile is a vowel ideally an (I or an O) will help with clearing them as well.
    6. General tip also making a 6 letter word bonus tile and a 5 letters word bonus tile and combining them will make a line clearing tile and will remove half of the board either horizontally or vertically depending on the place that the line clearing tile made.
    7. Suggested and useful boosts for this level are Destroy Lava since that will clear ALL water tiles and lava from your board, the Crystal Cruncher for the Crystal tiles, +3 Moves, Shuffle, Detonator, and of Tile Swap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    Level 400: Score 15750 Points in 104 Seconds!
    I don't get it! On Facebook, this level requires you to get 15750 points in *60* seconds- which is nearly impossible! Why is it different for me than other players on other platforms?

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    any hints / tips for level 403?

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