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Thread: City Spree Ads

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    Jane Smith II

    Angry City Spree Ads

    I don't normally like to complain, however, I am a little appalled at your City Spree ads. First, I was made to watch an ad for one of those smokeless cigarettes, not just once, or twice, or even 3 times, but over and over again for weeks. I let that one pass. Finally I got a new ad, now it's some guy on a beach drinking beer, trying to get ME to go out and buy this beer brand! Am I the only one that seems to realize this game (City Girl Life) is aimed at CHILDREN & TEENS - both of whom are underage for legal drinking and smoking????? Ya know it would be one thing if it was just one ad out of many, but so far I have seen 3 ads, 2 of which are inappropriate, you play the same ones over and over and over for weeks at a time. I don't mind watching the same ad over and over again, that's not the issue, HOWEVER when it is advertising illegal substances to a demographic whom it is illegal to buy/use, I DO have a problem. I invited my 16 year old daughter to play this game - but now I am glad she turned me down (because she wants to do her schoolwork instead, lucky me). At least I don't have to worry about her watching these ads. What's next.... casino ads???

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    Claire Taylor Curran


    I never seen any ads in CGL, because there are limitations that are unfair and don't allow everyone to participate even though Rockyou is aware of the fact that there are many poor people in the USA and in my area. I am one of those poor people. I cannot even afford a new computer at this time and i am lucky i have an old monitor, because without it i couldn't use my laptop, because the backlight "died"! I cannot even take it with me on trips anymore! It is not fair that we have those stupid viewing limits, because of all the poor gamers using up the slots and me not being able to participate!

    I too noticed in at least 1 or 2 other games about there being alcoholic beverage ads, which are not appropriate for teens and children! I don't see anyone petitioning the companies involved! I wish more people would petition over such things, because is shouldn't be legal to show kids ads on booze. I am disappointed that with all the poor gamers there is nothing left for me to view once they all view the free ads! Why limit the number of slices of a cake to such a low number when there are not enough slices for that many people?!? Why not help us each have a chance to use the ad spinner raffle?!?

    I honestly am not angry, though a few bones to pick (so to speak, but literally i have a few bones to pick too lol, a few/ measly amount of leftovers in the fridge lol).
    Last edited by Claire Taylor Curran; 10-01-2014 at 09:38 AM. Reason: To add that i am not angry, just disappointed

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