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Thread: Flash player crashing

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    Jude Aptaker-Shine

    Flash player crashing

    I have brought this up before, but I never received a useful response. Several times a week, my flash player crashes in the middle of a game. It's bad enough that it happens when I'm doing really well on a level, but what makes it even worse is that I lose the energy or the diamonds that I spent on the level. It is especially annoying with diamonds, as they are harder to come by.

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    Flash Player

    Today is Friday 9 Jan. I have this same problem, have done for months now, but no one seems to know the solution. I have to stop playing, close Facebook and come back later to restart. I am on level 379 and frustrated.

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    Flash Player Crashing

    OK,I have emailed Support about this problem and received an answer. Advised to use Mozilla rather than IE and this now works
    You should try it.

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    I'm having the same problem. Use to only be every once in a while. Now every time I try to play it kicks me out. I already use Mozilla. Any other suggestions??

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