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Thread: 10/25/2014 - Do you have ideas for NEW Chapters? Lulu would love to hear your ideas!

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    Sure, Barbara! You can see them coming, I will pass on this suggestion to my team.

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    The National Parks idea still seems like a great one. Any chance of that becoming a reality? We've never been to Tahiti. Isle of Pines (New Caledonia), in the Pacific Ocean. Plitvice Lakes, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. So many great places without fairies.

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    Thank You Dred! I will forward this suggestion to my team. Thanks everyone for suggesting new places, we are trying our best to catch up with all the suggestions given by you.

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    How about a chapter based on beloved board games? Candyland, Chutes n Ladders, Connect Four, Operation, etc...etc...

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    Oh yes Brandon, and I'd love a "Clue" chapter too. This idea is fun!

    I've been remarquably uninspired the past few months, and the idea I got yesterday may not be feasible due to copyright stuff. There's a city in France called Nantes, and some crazy geniuses have a project called "Les machines de l'île" where they build automatons to make up huge projects.
    There's already a 12 meter tall elephant that takes on passengers and walks around, a 3 level carousel based on Jules Verne's imaginary sea worlds (that's why I thought of it in the game), and they are working on a huge metal tree with vegetation on it and animatd herons. This link is to a video of the elephant
    The video of the carousel is not as good but you can see that the customers, including very young children, are the one who animate each automaton. Just to say if you go there don't miss the fun!

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    After starting this VERY exciting new Premium Chapter I'd like to see more about Time Manor, the Time Society itself and the agents. Loving it! :-)

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    Marius this is not an idea for new chapters, nut I compiled a list of items that could be released in new versions, the way the wonder "Fjord" was copied to make the "Eternity Plateau" here, devs are welcome to any of my ideas none of them is very original

    A loooong time ago I also made up a list of ideas for new garden skins I'm not sure they'lll ever be made but here is the doc

    An alternance of fantasy/realistic contemporaries/realistic historical chapters is always good, maybe we could visit Ireland or England again ? And some of the lesser known states in the United States too please.

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    Since we have a Time Machine, let's bring in the Titanic, before it went down or maybe the Hindenburg, that would be awesome to have in the garden! Could do a theme about the Bermuda Triangle. Tons of ideas right there alone.

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    Okay, reviving an old thread here but it's worth a shot. How about a chapter to do with endangered animals and the team helping out in some way? I cannot express how much I would L-O-V-E to purchase a couple of little black-footed ferrets playing for my garden and with that a ferret roamer. I would gladly pay a good amount of gold to have this in my garden so who do I bribe? LOL.

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