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Thread: 10/25/2014 - Do you have ideas for NEW Chapters? Lulu would love to hear your ideas!

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    Heidi Quinnell
    Not too fussed about the nation, but for the winter season something snowy with nice silver and gold items, and to go along with Jennifer: something "springy" with daffodils, grass paths, castles, just some really nice refreshing scenes with vibrant colours. I have had enough dark and threatening scenes

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    Christine Mudd
    I love any water scenes some of my neighbours who started before me have whales, orcas etc so something to do with the sea, islands giving orcas, whales etc would be nice

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    Nelleke Langenberg
    San francisco - california - thanks

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    Mirror Accio
    Suggestions: Chapters loosely based on Downton Abbey, Jane Austen books, Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes, Game of Thrones. I would love to see a dragon roamer.

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    Salomé Ivanova
    Belgium and the Netherlands

    Vienna in Austria

    Christmas at once in a place with snow and in a tropical island. France or the Netherlands would do they have both, or to keep it American Colorado and Hawai maybe ?

    Any historical chapter based on a book (not necessarily Pride and Prejudice but I wouldn't mind)

    I agree with Vicki, dinosaurs could come back once every 6 months I love them (not the Panthalassa scene though !)

    Robin I also agree, we never had a dragon-like creature before the Jor-can't-spell-it from the viking chapter (I won't count the dragon tower sorry). Dragons would be nice too. Fire-breathing ones...

    I think we are a very varied public, some like fantasy, some don't. One fantasy chapter in a while (every 5 or 6 maybe) would be wonderful and not bore too much those who don't like them.

    Also maybe someone could do a few more pics of the characters they have very few expressions and go from one to the other quickly it seems a bit strange sometimes.

    Now that there are blue poppies in the shop, maybe we could have a few new silver patches (earth, rocky grass) to give a bit of texture to simple gardens, and maybe a good cobblestone one for the cities. I ask because I stopped using paths to decorate, the roamers were getting lost in there.

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    Salomé Ivanova
    Posted at the same time as you Mirror. Sherlock Holmes is a great idea, including for a halloween one

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    New Member
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    Aug 2014
    Parkstone, United Kingdom
    Red riding Hood or snow White

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    Gypsy Rea


    [QUOTE=Pebbles;431253]Do you have ideas for NEW Chapters?

    Lulu would love to hear your ideas!

    Lulu, I decorate my garden and would love to see more landscaping materials (rocks, boulders, stone walls, rocky hills and cliffs, Swings (not toy ones), and fewer buildings, and some climbing vines would be lovely too.

    Please also allow us to sell old Wonders as our inventory keeps becoming more restricted with the more wonders we now have to keep.

    Can you not have tiny items like a ring as a part of a paradox? It often takes me several clicks to get it.

    Please also allow this game to play on my firefox version (latest) of flash, as I can only play it in chrome.

    Thank you for fixing the mailbox flag so gifts can be retrieved! That was super of you.

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    Diana Lynne
    Maybe going back in time to the Jane Austen era (think Pride and Prejudice) with nice buildings and roamers.

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    Marylouise Russell
    I would love the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

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