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Thread: 10/25/2014 - Do you have ideas for NEW Chapters? Lulu would love to hear your ideas!

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    Ollie Rpg
    would like to see more of london especially kings cross station, scotland too

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    Floyd Roth
    maybe a chapter with a crossing encounter with Dr. Emit Brown in 1885 old west (back to the future)could be fun!

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    Some English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish chapters would be nice.

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    Lia Simonetti
    Florence, in Italy, what else? :-*

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    Yolanda Bruggeman
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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    Mary E Rassch
    Bring back some of the "Old" Crystal chapters that us newbies to this system don't have. We had them with Playdom but could not bring them with us. Also some of the days of gifting from before would be nice. Prehistoric, Futuristic in more detail, and any history from the last 300 years.

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    Karen Petty
    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Stanford View Post
    Anything mythical. Vampires, dragons, etc....with roamers.
    I would like to see some other areas of France and England. Only capital cities shown in those 2 countries. Greece would be interesting, also.

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    Faith Fulle
    Something relating to Narnia or a modern Christmas.

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    Paty Janssens-Jerkov
    Belgium please and also the Nederlands

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    Sydney Smith
    A return to Australia or Greece would be cool. Or anywhere with water items and cute animal roamers. Thank you for asking.

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