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Thread: Need Gardens of Time friends :+)

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    Looking for neighbors for my gardens (2). I play the iPad version of GoT. My play ids are play49481018096 and play78532940272. Play several times a day. Answer requests and send gifts just as often.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neela McBeth View Post
    If you are all able to give your play ID numbers then I can add you all xxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany Nimphius View Post
    Please re-check and post your ID. I am getting an error message. Cheers!

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    Hi, I need neighbors for Gardens of time in FB my address is

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    Hi Dawn.. I need neighbors also but I don't know how to add them. If you do than add me. Lisa Cristofero on Facebook.Thanks

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    Re: Need neighbors, Add me

    Need neighbors as well. Not sure how to add them though. I'm confused because it says to click on the persons envelope and nothing happens. So if you know how to add me I will accept. Or you can just message me through Facebook my name is Lisa Cristofero.

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