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Thread: Need Gardens of Time friends :+)

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    Dawn Hudson

    Need Gardens of Time friends :+)

    I need more neighbors on Gardens of Time Please Add Me! Thanks!

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    Bizzi Prizzi

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    Elisabeth Schult Williamson

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    Marie Hyfield
    I tried to "friend" you but there was no "friend" button. I sent a message, but I think it went into your "other" folder.

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    Erica Williams

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    Neela McBeth
    If you are all able to give your play ID numbers then I can add you all xxx

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    Sue Williams
    need friends too if you would like to add me

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    Ameeta Malani
    Dear all, Please give me your play ID so I can invite you from both my gardens. I play several times in a day, gift and answer requests just as often. My garden names are trendyamy1 and trendyamy2. Look forward to playing with you as a friend and neighbour. My ids are play56764150351 and play13197445071. Cheers!

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    play1000017547265587. Thanks

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