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Thread: My Is Very Slow

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    Susan Gray

    My Is Very Slow

    My Kitchen Scrambie on Mobile is very slow and i wish it would be connected with my facebook game so i have my gifts as well
    I don't play it very often on my tablet because of that reason, i would like to but very slow

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    Miranda Mainor
    The mobile game should be the same as the Facebook version. Mine doesn't actually connect with my Facebook like it should so I can't get my gifts on the mobile version which sucks a lot.

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    Hi Everyone! Firstly, I must admit, I am very hooked on this game! Secondly, thank you to ALL who are trying to help us all with our problems/glitches. I play this on my iPad and I sure don't have a problem with my speed, I just need help getting through the gate @ Waffleton & getting lots of friends who play this game. I seen a link so off I go, HAVE TONS OF FUN KITCHEN SCRAMBLERS

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