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Thread: KS Spreadsheet Guide: Data on dish prices, mystery customers, and more!

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    KS Spreadsheet Guide: Data on dish prices, mystery customers, and more!

    queenfrostine's big KS spreadsheet

    Bringing this link over from the Playdom forums! This is my big Kitchen Scramble spreadsheet. It's a live, active document where I keep track of dish prices, favorite dishes for mystery customers, appliance information, and data on nuisance characters. As this is a live document, I could be adding to it or making changes to it at any time. When new levels are released, I usually play with the game open in one tab and my spreadsheet open in another and update it with new information as I play. Information on new levels can either be incomplete or incorrect for the first week as I play and re-play to double check my data, so I appreciate your patience during that time! Cells I've left white contain information I haven't rechecked. Colored cells contain finalized information.

    Feel free to keep this spreadsheet bookmarked, and if you have any questions just ask!

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    i am unable to find the excel file in this post

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    You've done such a great job! It helps a lot. Thank you!

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