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Thread: How can I add friends?! Add me please

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    any one can add me please! for kitchen scramble - play most days

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    I will add you Diane need friends myself :0)

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    Please add me too

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucia Sacco View Post
    Hi to everyone!!!
    I'm searching for new friends to surpass "the truck cannot make it"...and sharing foods,money and others...
    Thank you!!!!!!
    I play every day
    PLease add me too, Angel Vemich, I'm a daily player and just say its for kitchen scramble so I know, ty!

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    Please add me, I need staff for my truck and most of my friends dont play anymore, ty! I'm a daily player! Just let ,me know yoour for kitchen scramble.

  8. #158 about to go into the dessert town [correction: oasis]!
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    Add me kelle akana on Facebook

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