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Thread: How can I add friends?! Add me please

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    Lucia Sacco

    Red face How can I add friends?! Add me please

    Hi to everyone!!!
    I'm searching for new friends to surpass "the truck cannot make it"...and sharing foods,money and others...
    Thank you!!!!!!
    I play every day

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    Lucia Sacco
    Or, if you can, add me please! ))
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    Judith Cameron
    Would love to be your friend. I play every day too!

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    Mary Robin
    tried to add you but there are a lot of people with your name. Add me Mary Robin my profile pic id=s my dog sitting straight up on the couch.

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    Sabina Bencivenga Hutchison
    add me i play every day!

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    Helen Haggins
    Hi. Can't find you, Judith or Mary. Please add me.

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    Erin Bradford
    please post links to your facebook page - go to your profile page and copy the link then paste in here. Would love to add all of you.

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    Patty Handley Cooper
    I play everyday - would love new friends - lost most of mine during the transition.

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    Dorothée Perez
    i send you a message, i need help for my truck too!

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    Sherry Powell
    add me.. i play daily

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