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Thread: Deleting game

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    Deleting game

    It's been 5 months and RockYou still hasn't responded to my original ticket for help. If I don't get any satisfactory response within the next month, the game will be permanently deleted from any/all devices in my household. I think 6 months is ample (and then some) time to have fixed (or try to) my issue, let alone just send an applicable response to my ticket.

    Either way, it will be a happy Xmas for game gets restored, or I no longer check my garden or ticket staus!

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    Even though I don't have a ticket in - the game is working fine for me - I'm very close to deleting it as well. It has been well over a year now since there has been *any* new content for the game, and we also haven't had *any* communication from Pebbles or any other RockYou customer representative in months giving us *any* hope that there will be something in the future. It's very sad, but I think the time is close to pull the plug.

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    I share your frustration. I submitted a ticket in June. It was assigned to Jenny and is "being processed" it should not take 5+ months to process a ticket. I wished they would just say that our games are lost forever and that they just don't care to fix the problems with the mobile game. Then we could all move on

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    I'm with you as well. While I may or may not delete the game, I have stopped regularly checking for updates. I also submitted a ticket shortly after the conversion that also has not had any real responses added. I've had a few recommended fixes though, but they dealt with deleting cookies and downloading the latest flash. Not very impressed. I think they just need to pull the plug already. I refuse to restart unless they rerelease the premium and crystal chapters. Without those, there is no free way to have enough reputation to complete the existing chapters. In case I'm wrong with that, there were lots of cool buildings that I want back that lots of rep.

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    Brief summary of my history with this game...

    Ticket submitted late June. Response July 2 with useless suggestions of Backing up to Facebook (huh? It won't even let me connect to Facebook and how could that possibly help anyway, as I can't play on Facebok either... no Flash on an iPad!), clearing browser cache and upgrading flash (and they were told I was on an iOS mobile which they HAVE to know is played on an app, not a browser, and does not use Flash!) so I have to assume that it was a form letter response. No subsequent response since even though I have written comments to the ticket three times since. They say it's pending! hA!

    Of over 230 friends, I now have 12 (four added from this forum in the past two weeks which has helped) and I suspect only one of those forlorne 8 is actually playing. You can't advance without friends/neighbors from which to request material! I am on level 137, panel 3 of Chapter 37 of 44 (no new chapters in Eons and I sure don't count all those incessant ads as new content) and have been playing that same panel over and over for two months because I can't move forward without oner 18000 XP and I can't get XP without upgrading and I can't upgrade buildings without material which can only be got from those non-responding neighbors! I have over 4 million silver (which buys didly squat, assuming I had room in a non-expandable garden to put it, and assuming any new purchases wouldn't increase how many points I need to advance) and no way am I PAYING real money to these clowns for gold to advance one-sixth of one panel in a single chapter!

    Sadly, deletion seems to be the only logical option but I suspect that this doesn't bother tham one bit and may even be what they want...

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    Betty Healey
    My frustration comes from not getting any answers about the crystal chapters, are they coming back or not? I have been patiently waiting but it's about over with! One way or another, is there anybody working this forum that can give an answer?

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    Betty no one on this forum can give you any answers we are all in the same position as you, and clearly no one from RockYou reads them because they have given up on the IOS game. I've waited 6 months for a response to my ticket, was on level 200 bad lost my game. This company is a disgrace and frankly not worth wasting time on.

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    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you all so much for your patience. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you can respond to me in a private message with your Ticket #, I'll escalate them for you.


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    My ticket was #169845. Says pending. No communication from anyone since early July.

    No longer a loading or refresh issue as I can play, for what it's worth. After a month, the game came back and I didn't lose levels or gold or coin. (However, most everyone else on this forum still has loading issues, lost game etc.).

    But with no friends, no way to add friends unless someone here lists their id (since the add friends panel on the game is blank and non functional), one gets stuck on a panel, playing the same HOG Over and Over and Over... I've been on one panel for going on two-plus months now! BORING and stupid as there is no way to progress without buying gold and why should I invest real money in a game if you aren't going to fix it?

    With no new content in ages (Chapter 44 is the last added, no Crystals, No time machine puzzle, nada...) It seems to me you all at RockYou have decided to let the iOS version of the game die and, in my opinion, it would only be common courtesy to tell us if that is so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles View Post
    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you all so much for your patience. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you can respond to me in a private message with your Ticket #, I'll escalate them for you.

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    Melissa Morgan
    I cant get any tickets because the link to support does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

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