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Thread: Issues with Purchasing Escalated! 11/24/14

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    Issues with Purchasing Escalated! 11/24/14

    Hey Kitchen Scramblers!

    We are aware of the issue with the items not crediting as this was due to a server error. It has been escalated and we are working to get those items to you as soon as we can. We apologize for the wait.

    If you are affected by this issue, file a ticket via the link below. Be sure to include your transaction id's, transaction dates, and amount purchased so we can verify and help you with this. If you have been helped already please do not file another ticket. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    - The RockYou Support Team

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    Kimberle Collins
    The link doesn't work and I've sent numerous messages to get a resolution. I paid $19.99 for my item and it still has yet to be credited. Please advise!!!

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    Nikki Brewer
    yeah, link doesn't work. this whole support system for this game is a run a round. I've yet to get one person from any direction ive gone at to respond. ALL they do is take your money, give no support, and glitch the game out.

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