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Thread: My Suggestions For The Game

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    Jennifer Heitman Duska

    Lightbulb My Suggestions For The Game

    I am on Level 700. I have been playing for quite some time. Since the new group has been managing the technical side of the game, there have been a crazy amount of problems with regular game play. I used to be able to play with my Chrome browser. (for over a year I played in Chrome) I had to change because the game froze mid-game every single time.

    Since going back to Internet Explorer, since summer, the game still is "Frozen, come back later" at least half the time.

    During game play, you can get to a point where you can be set up to finally win a difficult board (with line clears and bonus letters) and the board will just freeze. This is especially frustrating if there have been bonuses wasted to get to that point or gold used to get there.
    This has been the norm all year, especially since summer.

    I suggest working on strengthening the servers so that they remain working when gamers are playing would become a big priority.

    Next, I agree with some others, we need the opportunity to earn or win boosts more often. Personally, I would rather get Infinity, +3, Hammer, and Swap. These are the most beneficial ones you have existing right now. You may also want to create one that would be a "Super Boost" that kills slime for the entire board. That would be great !

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    Velta Higuera
    i need help with level 675...please

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