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Thread: 12/12/2014 - Lulu would love to hear your Spring Ideas and Suggestions!

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    Kris Hasenfratz Ten-Eyck
    high rep PLANTS and TREES - since it IS GARDENS of Time. I really don't enjoy having to have so many buildings in my garden in order to get/keep the rep up.

    A bridge path so we can have the walkers go over the water paths. and/or a water path to go over walking paths, so the floaters can cross over the paths.

    More Wonders that are natural features, less buildings. Or wonders that are features from Botanical Gardens around the World.

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    How about some stone walls that can be strung together to make fences some of them with flowers in front like these daffodils in front of a stone wall

    This English Garden Wall from the Chicago Botanical Gardens is nice too.


    A wooden path would be nice, maybe surrounded by ferns

    A cluster of birch trees surrounded by bluebells would be nice (can't find a good picture of that)

    A patch of snow with crocus poking through would be nice...

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    Harrian Burd Smith
    just a thought... it is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The game always seems to be focused on the Northern Hemisphere for seasons and America for holidays. I have neighbors from around the world. Maybe we could go "around the world" in 80 days so to speak and celebrate globally

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    Charisma Thaumaturge
    I'd love some GRASS PATHS. I'd love to see my roamers walk on the grass :-) It would be nice if they were the same color as the Grass Patches.

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    Bonnie Luce
    I suggested Canada and the falls for valentines day, let's just keep exploring Canada for a while!

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    Jennifer Niemi
    DAFFODILS and GRASS PATHWAYS, please! Both purchased with silver so that we can use them at will and then sell them (rather than clutter up our inventories) when not needed.

    I would love to have 1x1-square yellow daffodil patch that really looks like daffodils. Something akin to the snowdrops in size and clarity. And keeping in the daffodil theme, how about a 3x3-square Irish castle wonder with daffodils naturalized on the grounds and birds flitting about when fully upgraded.

    A larger sized STONE BRIDGE would make a wonderful artifact. 1x2-square or even 2x2-square. Perhaps a stone garden statue? An angel? A saint? GRAZING SHEEP in a 2x2-square field would be lovely. And a lovely pastoral scene with a stream meandering through a field of yellow daffodils and trees just beginning to leaf out for the days of crafting item. Something with grazing sheep would be wonderful, too. Perhaps a mama with her lambs?

    And lastly, how about a new gate? A new spring gate? Wrought iron with spring flowers spilling out of containers and growing next to it. Lots of colour to show the garden coming back to life. Daffodils (of course) but also tulips and hyacinths. Pansies, primroses and English bluebells, too.

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    Original Switchkitty
    Please consider that whatever y'all come up with and if some ideas end up as gold items make them affordable for the love of Pete. Honestly, if the gold items were placed at much more reasonable prices you might just see more people buying them up hence making a better profit on your end.

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    Gypsy Rea
    To have more landscaping items, rocky hills (not just green hills) snow hills (not just green hills or sledding hills), rock walls, more ponds, bushes. Also, to sell old wonders or eliminate them from inventory. As for a new scene, ancient Atlantis might be good. Another Victorian or Dickens-themed episode might be nice.

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    Ck Hardy
    GD & I would love to add more items to our "amusement park" area. A new roller coaster, a tea cup kind of ride, or a boat ride? Something that would make our gardens cheery & inviting. Love the idea of path bridges and more natural or nature based items - rocky hills, grass paths, wood/barkomulch paths, more vegetable/fruit items to add to the farm theme. Oh & did I mention that GD wants more "rollycoasters" - yeah, he loves those things.

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    Rene Best
    I think for Valentines Day a house with heart balloons floating like the old one from IC members years ago. I also would like Hummingbirds visiting my flowers.

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