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Thread: 12/12/2014 - Lulu would love to hear your Spring Ideas and Suggestions!

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    I'd like new stamps flower-themed. I'm stuck with the stamps feature, I need more space. Would like the possibility either to buy new pages or to enlarge the current ones.

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    Jennifer Niemi
    Bronwyn's comment reminded to ask for freesias, too. They're beautiful and would look lovely in a spring garden, especially if they actually look like freesias. Primroses that look like primroses would be great. Either polyanthus hybrids or the common primrose, Primula vulgaris. Bleeding hearts? Shooting stars (Dodecatheon)?

    And speaking of primroses... What about a primrose path? Primula growing alongside a woodland path? Several species grow well next to streams which would allow you to incorporate a bridge. I LOVE using bridges in my garden.

    And speaking of streams... What about snowdrops or crocuses breaking through the snow as it melts on a rocky hillside. Another opportunity for a stream. Another opportunity for a bridge. Perhaps a rope bridge? What a gorgeous piece that would make for a 3x3-square crafting item.

    And I'd also love some dutch irises, peonies & delphiniums although they're all better suited to early summer, than spring. Early summer in an English Country garden with climbing roses & honeysuckle. They would be beautiful.

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    Folly O'Hooligan

    Spring & Summer Additions

    Please give us new Spring & Summer items! i would love rolling grassy hills. GoT has given us a lot of volcanoes and harsh tall cliffs or peaks, but no idyllic hills or mountains covered with grass and flowers. I always love items with water, especially when animated. So, more boats, beach houses and beach items too. Other commenters have mentioned bridges and I fervently agree! But could you also bring back the Autumn Bridge? Maybe it could be added to Natalie's offerings or the gold shop. There's already a Winter bridge (and Autumn, if it becomes available again).. what about Summer & Spring Bridges?

    One more thing.. the collection items have become unattractive & uninteresting. We used to get animated figures or pretty scenes. I still go back to collect more Macaw Trees with the beautiful animated birds. The Lake Palace was my favorite building as a new player. Both of these items were free collectibles. Now the collection items have such bad artwork that it's almost impossible to identify them.. and they're never animated any more. Why not give us collectibles that we will love and use in our design plans?

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    Deb Brown
    Suggestions for the game, that may or not fit various seasons:
    Investigate the Hi-stories of the First Americans, starting from the Land Bridge Crossings on down into the 'Americas'. We could have a Canoe Floater, various personages Walkers, the differing dwellings and flora & fauna, and landmarks of the assorted areas they lived (some have been done for South America, But not as extensively as you could).
    You have a Cow w/Calf, Buffalo w/calf, and a Doe w/Fawn; how about more animal Parent/Offspring offerings, such as the Various Horses (Paints, Appaloosas, Draft breeds, Ponies, The many Arab types, ect. ...) And The Story of the Lipizzaners in WW II with the coat changes they go through would be an interesting segment. Include the Sports they do such as Racing of many types, including the Sulky ones, Dressage and Jumping, Steeplechases, Load-Pulling, to mention some.
    And Cats (many breeds), Dogs (many breeds) including Coursing/Agility Trials, Tigers, Gorillas, Birds (Cardinals- male & female differ in color!, Bluebirds, the Jays & Magpies, Robins-European & American, Hummingbirds (Western Hemisphere ONLY), Nightingales, this list could go on), Wolves, Coyotes, Zoo Kept Offerings (yes we have a few already), but more Variety.
    More Flower Choices and Vines. Flocks of Different Color/Types of Butterflies and Meteor Falls/Showers.
    Other Ideas for other Chapters NOT Spring could be; Niagra Falls, Pony Express, Gold/Silver Rush(s), Establishing Australia, The Carved Salt and or Sandstone Caverns, the Glowing Caves around the World, The Blue Glowing Beaches of Sydney or Maldives, Fireflies, Assorted Different Fruit Pickers, India's Color Festival, Red Cross Founding w/Florence Nightingale, Buffalo Bill Show, Ringling Brothers or other Circuses (how about a Clown w/ Rubber Chicken walker) , Joan of(D')Arc, Sherlock Holmes Cases, The Paris Catacombs, and Railroad Founding (w/ Track Path and Train).
    More Mythic offerings Please; Flying Dragon (they had something like that in Blackwood and Bell, came with a Knight walker) or Oriental Dragons, Griffons, Jackalope, The White Buffalo, The Black Hound of The Baskervilles, The Phoenix (you could do Nest Build,Egg, Pyre, Flying), The Bride of the Frankenstein Monster (first offered in Halloween Crystal Chapter, but not returned), Werewolf that changes between man & beast, a Walking Skeleton, a Giant Rabbit (Night of the Leptus),The Easter Bunny or Harvey the 6 ft tall Rabbit, The Minotaur-could do a Golden Fleece chapter, the Wendigo, Zombies, The Hunchback of Notre Dame de Paris, and The Fairy/Elven Hunt with The Red Eared Hounds For the Red Eyed White Hind/Elk.
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    Nicola Jarvis
    can we have more moving things, and lots of animals too please. i still love GOT and have loads of ideas for things. i wanted buildings that grew upwards and outwards, or that could join together. so that you could build a whole theme, or village/city with more people and artifacts. there are lots of previous scenes/chapters that i have wanted to build on. when i say buildings that grow upwards, i mean having more than one floor/storey and when i say growing outwards, having several buildings attached. more movement of artifacts, with more children, and people. i love it all. just my opinion anyway

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    Rachel Auty
    Would love a chapter based around an English spring festival - Maypole, May Day celebrations, bluebells, may blossom, etc. And please a maypole item for our gardens :-)

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    Jennifer Niemi
    How could I have forgotten? LILACS! Both purple and white flowered lilacs, please. And although they're shrubs, they will grow quite tall. Around here, people use them for high hedging or prune them into standards, where they look like small trees.

    And some apple trees in full blossom would be really nice, too. Decently sized flowering crabapples and/or apple trees. Apple blossom festivals abound in certain parts of the world. Other fruit trees would be great, too. I've always wanted more trees with fruit (apricots, plums, oranges, pears, cherries, mangos, etc..) but those would be more appropriate for late summer and fall.

    Lily of the valley are among some of my spring favourite flowers. They're really small, I know, but perhaps the artists could still make them identifiable.

    One last thing... If we're traveling south for the spring, I remember seeing (and smelling!) gardenias in bloom in Florida, in February. February is spring.

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    Tanirea Kekapu
    Thinking of pathways and roamers. I recall a time when all of my roamers would come out to walk, not just five at one time, and I'd have pathways all over my garden (it made alot of sense then). Was enjoyable to build a garden for roamers and to see them everywhere. Wish we could have that back. For coming Spring would like to see two new additions, (1) Grass Pathways - the green grass patch for me is the most used, it easily connects and joins all the other scenes and themes in the garden and now all we need is the 'matching grass pathway' for the roamers to walk on and into another grass patch area of the garden. (2) Flying Roamer - an eagle.. flock of birds.. fairy/fairies.. butterflies.. a stork carrying Spring's first baby.
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    Shari Swender Thiessen
    I would love to see more stamp album pages added. I have a lot of stamps in inventory but no way to use them. I would also like to be able to sell off the wonders to make room in my inventory. All the stuff from a long time ago doesn't have nearly enough points per square to do me any good and it all just sits there.

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    Brenda Harris
    Street lights with hanging flower baskets on each side; Spring blooming trees with Mama bird and babies in a nest visible; rain barrels overflowing with flowers; colorful birds (blue jays, cardinals, etc) perched on a fence; cows with calves; sheep with lambs; herons and cranes; chicks and hens and rooster in a barnyard. SPRING things - pretty, colorful Spring things, please.

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