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Thread: 12/12/2014 - Lulu would love to hear your Spring Ideas and Suggestions!

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    Most of all I would love some 4 x 4 scenes that will sit next to the forest clearing and seem like one big scene.
    Love some of the ideas already given
    - corners for picket fences
    - grass paths
    - bridge paths
    - forest animals for spring (particularly animals on grass with flowers)
    Other ideas
    - forest friends
    - fenced flowers
    - corners for red rose bushes and yellow rose bushes
    Please make whatever items that you select different to the ones in the shop that you can buy for silver.

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    I am in several groups & lots of members have said it would be nice to have a 'yard' sale from Natalie. Have one or two days this Spring where we are able to go in & buy everything we want that Natalie offers for sale. We can buy/gift to neighbors we owe gold to, buy items for ourselves that we did not want to owe someone that much gold for. There are some items people would like to own more than one of & we are only able to buy one thing from Natalie for ourselves on Tuesdays & Fridays.

    P.S. When you do this, please give advance notice & a Gold Sale so we can be prepared.

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    I'd like a spring skin for the garden, with wild flowers in a hedge instead of the fence (very English countryside), a rustic stone gate with flowering vines growing on it. The time machine I'm not sure about, maybe a castle with flowers falling instead of snow.
    It would be absolutely perfect if the skin also put "grass" as a default ground texture in the whole garden instead of just around it. The winter ones could put snow, the autums ones fallen leaves, etc... That way we would save lots of time decorating, plus I think it might be (slightly) faster to load the gardens.

    I agree with a lot of other commentators, we need corners for fences, walls, flower borders, etc... even if they come over a long period of time. For fences, it might be possible to just make a vertical post even if it doesn't really connect. Barn fence, Cornish fence and Wreath fence have that problem, plus the white picket fence and the snow hedges.
    For walls a square or round tower works well (see ivy wall/ivy tower or Gret Wall segment/ Great Wall Tower). For example, the Shalimar Garden Wall is exquisite but very hard to work with because there is nothing offered to make a corner.

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    I would really like this feature for Natalie too. They also need to bring back some of the other offers that she used to sell. We should be able to buy multiple times from her just not twice a day.

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    Would love to have corner pieces for walls and fences, we can be more creative. Expansion of the grid is way overdo. Would love to have ground cover, upon which you can place your items, which eliminates the gaps created...water, grass, sidewalks, etc. High rep flowers and trees, fountains, arbors with flowers and path attached. Thanks for listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles View Post
    Happy Friday Time Travelers!

    Lulu is excited for Spring next year and needs help preparing her garden!

    She would love to hear your Spring ideas and suggestions in the Gardens of Time Forums here!

    LIKE and SHARE on the Fan Page to notify your fellow travelers!

    Explore Gardens of Time!

    Could we please upgrade to smaller items so they will continue to fit in the garden; especially our roamers? Please let us upgrade those 20 times if necessary. Thanks!

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    Please consider adding a cute item with playful black-footed ferrets complete with a ferret roamer at a REASONABLE price. Thanks.

    got ferret1.jpggot ferret2.jpg
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    HIGH REP items for ground cover... like grass and flowers or path. Also, I change my skins per season... How about something with a white picket fence border...white archway entry with vines/flowers etc...? Another idea I had for a skin would be one that looks appropriate for a manicured garden. I think the basics are there in other items... Iron fence or low stone wall, rose trellis entry, columnar hedges, fancy mailbox... The skins really change the look. I don't mind saving my gold to buy them.

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    I would love some bridges our roamers could really walk over , that would be so cool

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