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Thread: 12/12/2014 - Lulu would love to hear your Spring Ideas and Suggestions!

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    12/12/2014 - Lulu would love to hear your Spring Ideas and Suggestions!

    Happy Friday Time Travelers!

    Lulu is excited for Spring next year and needs help preparing her garden!

    She would love to hear your Spring ideas and suggestions in the Gardens of Time Forums here!

    LIKE and SHARE on the Fan Page to notify your fellow travelers!

    Explore Gardens of Time!

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    Fields of daffodils, freishas, hyacinths, lambs and blossom trees in different sizes, shapes, colours please

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    Myriam Banha
    I wish I could be sold the ancient wonders and the building of cristais. help relieve the inventory,
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    Bobbie Ollie
    Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us be able to buy some more of those White Picket Fences. Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aleisa Farrington
    It would be really nice to have some bridge paths. Also water lilies, irises, morning glories, more fountains and ponds and hedges.

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    Sue Munday
    lambs, chicks, cows.... well anything that involves animals really

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    Pauline Thompson
    Waterfalls, Rivers, Rocky Streams, Cliffs, Daffodils, Fountains, Hedges, Ponds, Decorations that encourage us to make gardens / landscapes not building junkyards. Spectacular Waterfall would make a nice Wonder

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    Lucimara Orlando
    turn items 360 °, sell crystals of buildings and wonders, increase storage value of inventory, increase energy bar, have more items walking in the garden with the amount of silver

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    Rose Garden


    Please bring out some high rep flowers and garden items. I love flowers in my garden but it is such a shame they are all such low rep.

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    Just stumbled on this place by accident called the Rock Gardens of Chandigarh in India...

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