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Thread: Deleting Unfinished Time Lab Items

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    Cathy Cameron Bowden

    Deleting Unfinished Time Lab Items

    Just a suggestion, it would be nice to be able to delete those timed items we couldn't finish from our inventory.

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    Linda Dabulewicz
    I agree, they are in my way

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    Cindy Purdy
    i agree my inventory is full of them plus it would be nice to delete unwanted wonders

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    I agree, too. I have too many of them in my inventory just taking up space. I wasn't able to finish them (and definitely cannot finish them now) so I should be able to delete them. Give us the "sell" button option, just like the 0 reputation pathways. We can "sell" them for -0- and get the items out of our inventory. Thanks!

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    i agree too because want have the unfinished timelapbulding in my investory

    would like to have a botton to sale them

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    Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback.

    I will be sure to let the team know.

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