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Thread: XP and Rep gone !!!!!!

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    Tammy Ballard Kerstetter

    XP and Rep gone !!!!!!

    Game froze up last week and when I got back on I had lost 4 million rep. and 6 million xp. It now says I need that much to even open the next scene. So mad....has this happened to anyone else? There is no reason for me to continue at this point.I am on level 215 and chapter 125. I have contacted help support, but reading other posts I don't think that will do any good. Done with my favorite game I guess when I need 4 million rep. to open the next scene : (

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    Linda Dabulewicz
    You are not alone i went from 35,134,700 last night to 29, 280, 376 this morning . then when I tried to fix it by removing 7,000 value items and replacing them with 48,000 value items , i do not believe the result was the right amount either.

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    Linda Dabulewicz
    I was on level 125 also this must have something to do with it

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