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Thread: A special announcement from the Kitchen Scramble team...

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    A special announcement from the Kitchen Scramble team...

    We are overjoyed to announce the engagement of our programmer Greg to his longtime girlfriend Megan. With the help of his brother he gave her a Christmas surprise she's never forget. Let's hear them in his words...

    So it was on Christmas, earlier in the day we all gave presents and such. I bought my brother this new sony a5000 camera and he was taking pictures all day with it.

    We have been planning for him to take pictures as I proposed. She did not know though, so we asked her if she wanted to go to this light up christmas tree park and go take pictures together to test out his new camera.

    We went there and walked around for a bit and found a nice big tree and took a bunch of pictures to test out the camera, then he gave the signal and then that's when I brought out the ring and got down and asked.
    Lets wish the happy couple all the best!


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    Congratulations Greg & Megan!! Wish a happy life together

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    I'm very late but: Congratulations Greg & best wishes to the bride!

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