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Thread: APARTMENT IDEAS & DESIGNS by Traveller Kika

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    Smile APARTMENT IDEAS & DESIGNS by Traveller Kika


    I know there are other threads open already to share suggestions about homes and apartments, but I decide to open this new one cause I am working on some new designs of my own built from the originals apartments in the game, and I think it is better to post them together in an only place, so I will add each new one here as I finish them.

    The first one is called: MOON-QIU Apts.

    'Moon-Qiu Aparments' has been designed from scratch using a Shady Heights beginner apartment, it features close to double space than the original (which has been extended to the right side) and more windows.

    For fun I have built up this new one featuring a chinese style decor according to our past Moon Festival Missions.

    This one features a particular idea I am longing for almost since my start playing the game, and that is interior partitions, walls and doors to connect different rooms in a separate area, as we do usually in real life.

    Some people enjoy loft style spaces. Some other would like to be able to divide the same space to their own wishes. I enjoy both types of living places, but I found the second one has poor possibilities right now, because of the lack of interior partitions in the game. We try with other elements, like the bathroom cabinets or bookshelves, but personally I never get completely satisfied with the result.

    Interior walls can have its pros and cons. Maybe you get a more realistic look, but you are going to lose the sight of part of the contents of rooms behind a wall or a closed door, and maybe you will have some difficulties to decor with furniture the side you are not able to see. This difficulty maybe could be solved by adding a button to turn-on/off the transparency of the wall, for example, and be able to see through a wall.

    Another solution could be a carrousel apartment, that is to be able to turn 360 your apartment, so you can see it from any corner, but maybe this is something quite more difficult to do.

    The adding of interior walls should introduce also possibilities to decor every sheet of movable wall or doorway with different wallpaper designs to match the fix walls of the apartment (the ones we usually decor now), this would be a great goal.

    I would like to be allowed to choose if I want to cover part of the contents of the apartment in order to give priority to pretty architectural details as the interior distribution itself, interior door designs, etc. or don't do it at all. Think about the possibilities this could give to transform your common, modern apartment into some famous ones like Carrie from Sex and the City, Sherlock Holmes from Baker Street, Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany's and a long and very inspiring etcetera, among other creative ideas on decor.

    Hope you like it!

    Soon more...

    Moon Qiu Apartmentsfb.jpg
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    That's so cute! It's a little bit small but I like it a lot! I love the idea of walls and turning on/off transparency of the walls. We could put up more wall decor and make the rooms seem more like a room/home.

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    I really like this! I've been a fan of Oriental culture and styles for a long time and I would love to have an apartment like this

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    Really like the design. With the red and creme rooms, I was actually picturing a walk-in closet or even a little powder room. The design has lots of potential. Thanks for sharing.

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    Feedback sent on to Design. She liked the apartment a lot!
    RockYou QA- City Girl Life

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    Really?? Happy to hear it, Marsha. I will keep updating the thread soon with more designs. Thank you

    And thanks for the positive comments above too!

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    I haven't put much thought into what an apartment would look like with walls, but now I want them if they can be done like this. This apartment is wonderful! The wallpaper choices are great too - perfect in scale for a City Girl apartment!

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    ROMANTIC LODGE in the City

    Hi everyone!

    Today I show you a new apartment suggestion: ROMANTIC LODGE in the City.

    It is a Loft style apartment based on Jenna's original from the game (Plaza Tower), but I have enjoyed specially changing and adding new features and shades.

    The pale, soft romantic colors are intended for a very comfy, relaxed but feminine feeling and look. The result to me is quite a pleasant bakground where I would LOVE to set in.

    I also can imagine in the future a series of shabby romantic furniture fitting the same idea for interior decor. Well, this is in my wishlist now!

    This Romantic Lodge introduces an overall more pale color scheme than the usual from the game, among other features:

    I added a tall wainscot on the walls instead of the plain sheets from the original apartment. This is combined with a nice powder pink polkadot wallpaper on the top.
    The original dark wooden floor is changed for a dusty white wooden one, matching the walls. In the bedroom, there is a rustic distressed one, a little darker.
    The white floor tiles in the small room by the entrance have been replaced too. Here the walls keep the skirting board but in a pale dusty wooden board combined with a floral design wallpaper. I think it can fit a bathroom or a kitchen.

    I have added a new window to the apartment, too. I like homes with a lot of light!

    One of my favorite new touches is the woodwork in the door and the new windows: the leaded windows have been replaced flor light wooden ones with traditional French mullions.

    On the windows you can see a new curtains style. I would love to have some delicate chiffon curtains with a different design like the ones shown here, and some wall sconces are needed as well.

    Fireplaces usually are a major point of attention in any room, here I tried a marble, elegant one with an impressive panel up to the ceiling awaiting for a classy mirror or a nice picture, and a warm fire lit in the hearth. I am not very proud of the graphic design of the fireplace, but I did what I could, and more or less fits the idea I try to show.

    I have enjoyed so much creating this apartment, that I would be happy if you like it a little too.

    (I attach a pic of the original Plaza Tower apartment for a "before&after" comparison)

    Romantic Lodge_fb1.jpgPlaza Tower empty.jpg
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    Romantic Lodge looks amazing. Didn't really care for the pink door but the modification looks amazing especially with the addition of windows and nice little curtains. Amazing work.

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    Thank you Topaz! I tried another change to Plaza Tower also, this time moving some walls and with a different decor.

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